Getting Girls Is Down To What You Think!

Getting Girls Is Down To What You Think!

When in the act of getting girls at a bar or club, you may find yourself getting into a conversation with a stunner, lucky you. You probably won’t get anywhere with her If you think ‘you are far too beautiful for me’. Throughout your whole conversation you are going to be portraying a version of you that is inferior to her. She will assess who you are and if you’re a suitable partner for her consciously and subconsciously. She won’t be attracted to you.

If you think ‘I am out of your league’ during interaction. This creates intrigue. You’ll be portraying confidence throughout your body language and your voice and actions will be autonomous as you act as the version of you that thought determines. She will feel attraction.

The key to getting this right, is to clear your mind of all narration and think the one sole thought all the time. This practice derives from mental influence techniques and it is said that what you think emits vibrations which are received by her too as shown in adultfrienedfinder blog. There are many other thoughts which work a treat on getting girls and reading up on the subject is a must.

Just by thinking certain things you can drive girls wild and get them really attracted to you during interaction. The mental influence techniques go further into the ability to draw creative genius from your subconscious mind, as you think the commanding thoughts and live as the person prescribed by them. You can influence situations to your exact will by adding imagery to your thoughts.

These thoughts are picked up on many levels and as the moment of now passes each second you will see your influence coming into play. Imagine if you had a set of mental influence commands that could be adapted to any situation to influence anyone and get as many hot girls as you like completely lusting you. Mental influence has been hidden away for centuries because we can’t yet prove thought transference. We have not built the technology to measure sent thought waves but we do know it exists and many studies have concluded it as a fact of life.

Learning what to think to get girls is essential. If you let the narration in your head run away with you or think any of the wrong thoughts you will not do very well with girls. Your mind is the key to attraction.

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