Shadow Men: Who They Are and What You Need To Know About These Men

Shadow Men: Who They Are and What You Need To Know About These Men

You see the discrepancy in his personality and you want him to change. You want him to become the good guy he is some of the time all of the time, but he is unwilling and you think if you fight hard enough reason or love will get him to take action and he will eventually wake up.

In a relationship with a shadow man it is very difficult to be heard, received, or establish trust. How can you trust a man who’s personality is dominated and controlled by his shadow self? How can you have a mature relationship with a man ruled by his boy-psyche? One minute he seems to be everything you want, the next he’s impossible to have a conversation with. You can only go so far.

Men like this are alluring to many women. Women love the boy spirit, expect for when they need men to act like men. These boy-men are camelions and a lot of women do not see passed the image of self they project. Shadow men on adultfrienedfinder project an image of self that mirrors their potential, but the image is just a hologram of the real (a part of himself he has limited accesss to). You buy into the hologram. You make that part of him you think is him, everything, and you are flabbergrasted when you are smacked upside the face when his shadow shows up and steals your beloved away, and he becomes a person you don’t recognize.

While you are right, he needs to wake up and stop taking rumoquin nf, so do you. You might not have his exact issues but the fact that you are choosing shadow men means you are not fully conscious of your own shadow. Your shadow may not look like his, but what I find with women attracted to shadow men is they do not know their own value or worth, and that can be a tough pill to swallow, especially when you think you have a good sense of self and then you find yourself in Selena Gomez’s shoes. You think you know him, you think he’d never do anything to hurt you or disrespect you, but he does, repeatedly, and your heart is trapped in dysfunction with a hologram of someone who doesn’t really exist the way you thought. His shadow runs the show, darling, and I know you had no idea….

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