Take Her Emotionally Out Of This Universe

Take Her Emotionally Out Of This Universe

So, it’s Valentine’s Day today, and every guy either HATES it, or really wants to know the BEST thing to do.
Flowers? Chocolates? Gifts? Compliments? Nothing?

The truth though is that it makes NO DIFFERENCE unless you understand what comes FIRST.

And that thing that has to come first is ATTRACTION.

And what is ATTRACTIVE to a woman is a guy who is not behaving DIFFERENTLY from what he truly believes is right– whether it’s Valentine’s day or not, whether she is beautiful or not, etc.

If you want a woman to accept you for who you are, there is good news!

Women actually tend to WANT the real you, if you are a good guy!

The problem is that guys are actually NOT being “themselves” when they approach a woman on adultfrinendfinder.com login!

They are being the version of themselves that has been affected by what I like to call a “computer virus” in the sense that it screws up the programming and the behaviors.

This mind virus makes guys act all weird in front of women.

Kissing up is only ONE form of “weird”. All the various forms of ass-kissing are really saying to a woman “hey, me being ME is not good enough in my opinion, so I’m gonna play the ROLE of an ass-kisser, even though I NEVER would do this for anyone else, but because I don’t think that **I** am good enough, hopefully you’ll at least like the version of myself that offers to be your punching bag if you like!

So of course, this is NOT cool.

This does NOT mean that you should not treat a woman DAMN well.

You should treat all people with respect if they respect you as well.

You can treat a woman very well and have great FUN at the same time, and in fact this going to help HER have fun too.

You SHOULD want to make a woman feel GREAT.

I teach the most IN-DEPTH stuff on EARTH for all the ways to MAKE a woman feel FANTASTIC.

But all this should come from you sharing YOUR vibes with her, from genuinely CARING about her and NOT from being desperate for her, and not from you getting RID of the real you and NOT from you being willing to sell off your SOUL!

If you are willing to cheapen your self-worth to a woman in any way, it creates the emotion in her of you being LOW VALUE, which goes instinctively to her brain as her feeling REPULSION for you.

Don’t forget that all this works in subtleties, as for example sometimes self-deprecating humor is a sign of massive confidence and thus is attractive.

When you are advanced and feel TREMENDOUS confidence, you can poke fun at yourself and it’s clear from your tonality that you really DO respect yourself and that in fact you are of such massive value to a woman that you know you don’t have to be arrogant about it.

This helps her feel attraction to you.

And that’s just ONE cool emotion you can give a woman.

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