Text Game

Text Game

Many PUA’s concentrate on the first 20 minutes of pickup, and getting the girl’s number. Actually this is the easy part- seeing them again requires the real game. What’s the best way? Save time, money and effort- use text game. Especially when your getting several numbers every day, a few generic texts sent to all, can be a sure fire way of seeing them all again.

Why texts over calling? Texting removes so many of the mood variables of calling, appears more casual, and its very unlikely she wont read it (unlike calls and voicemail messages which are often ignored), even if the women was extremely attracted to you when you last met, this diminishes with time and by the time your call her, questions are going through her head. “Is he desperate?” or “is he a player”.

She might might not even answer your call.Text on the other hand provides a relaxed, playful way of re-igniting the conversation and taking the seduction further….
There are two types of text game I employ also on adultfrinendfinder– personalised and generic. If you have many numbers, and not much time, go for generic. If there is a seriously high quality girl, you’ve built up a connection with (however small) its best to personalise.
Generic game depends on who you are and the situation you’re in,  but I can give some examples.

If you’ve met many girls in a night out here is your first text, sent the next day (courtesy of Beckster from PUAtraining).
“Hey cutie [or other nickname], I went to an after party last night, what did you get up to?
[your name]
p.s. do you like toasted marshmallows”
The slight bizarreness is guaranteed to make them think about you give you a response. Usually something along the lines of “I did blah blah blah. Ummm yeah I like toasted marshmallows, why?”
Your next text will be:
“Perfect, I have a DVD night this Tuesday [or any day except Friday or Saturday] with wine and toasted marshmallows. What are you better at choosing, movies or wine?
[your name]
p.s. do you prefer red or white”
These texts shouldn’t be followed religiously- adapt them to your own personality. But remember the outline of saying something interesting and taking it for granted that she’ll see you. Inviting them to your house is a higher risk strategy, but with a higher pay off! It also shows a confidence that not many guys can touch but don’t use it on an obviously reserved girl as it will only show lack of social intuition . Obviously many girls will object to seeing you in your house on the first date and prefer somewhere public. This is alright because at least then, they will suggest a date (try to arrange it so its at least close to your house). Oh, and make sure you change the day of the date with each girl!
For a good generic line to use after a long time try this (again a creation of Beckster):
“I’m in my penthouse, listening to Mozart, thinking of you…
Not really I’m out with my mates having a drink, but I was thinking of you”
or Savoy’s “Guess what, I just met your twin”.
Both of these are likely to get a girl’s attention and force a reply.
Now onto personalised text game. Much like generic, a personalised text should be delivered within 24 hours of meeting (although its not vital). This is especially true of younger girls or those with busier social lives.
The perfect personalised text game has three important points:

1. Picking up where you left off.
2. Building attraction and comfort.
3. Arranging to meet again.
Picking up where you left off is basically reminding her of something you were talking about before. The best way to do this is through humour (incidentally building attraction at the same time). So making a joke about something you were talking about, her job or any other feature of her works well. For example if you were talking about how you both hated clinginess, especially the word snuggles, use this line originally by PUA Braddock:
“Nice meeting you [her name]. Let’s get together for a “snuggle” session ASAP
[your name]”
Mentioning your name at the end is very important to stop the old “who are you” which immediately impedes your connection. Advanced PUA’s will actually deliberately “seed” the initial conversation with opportunities for call-back humour.
If you find yourself stuck its always possible to go for a generic text instead.
After this its time to build attraction and comfort. This is done through a variety of methods, including role playing, random childish jokes, light sexual teasing or misinterpretation, funny or teasing pet names, Invoking commonalities you had when you met and increasing the frequency of texts sent. In building attraction, never text back too soon or write far more then they do. Waiting a bit (even if its just a minute) is especially important, as suspense creates interest.
Once the attraction and comfort are at the level where you’re texting like friends, arrange to meet her. At the end of a normal friendly text a note to get together. A simple “[fluff fluff fluff] we should get together next week” or “[blah blah blah] if we don’t meet up soon I’m gonna start cheating on you”. If the interactions haven’t been going so well, try using a lower pressure arrangement, where her group of friends meet up with your friends. i.e. ” [chat chat chat] We’re going to be a X bar this Friday at 11, you guys should come along”. This means that its casual and if she doesn’t come its not a rejection.
Armed with this dangerous text weaponry you should always get at least the first date- but that is when the real effort comes in. As well as the advice here, remember all the basics of pickup, such as not appearing needy, creepy or incongruent. Obviously you have to adapt and some girls don’t like texts so you’ll have to call instead. But this is a close as I can give you to a sure fire second meeting, use it wisely.

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