Thailovelinks Dot Com was the Real Deal for this Old Codger!

Thailovelinks Dot Com was the Real Deal for this Old Codger!

Before I begin to rave about a great online dating service called Thai Love Links dot com, let me explain how I got to this site and why. You see, secretly I’ve always been fascinated by Asian beauty, and particularly that of the Thai girls of South East Asia. But like most of us chaps here in the West, there was little opportunity to meet Asian women locally, let alone date them, and the few that were living in the neighbourhood were strictly off bounds to those outside of their ethnic circles. This is no longer the case thanks to Thailovelinks.

After my divorce I vowed never to get into another relationship with a woman for as long as I lived. It seemed that my ex wife had joined ranks of a new woman’s movement growing in Western Europe and North America. The requirements seemed to be that women had to be overweight, verbally hostile, and feared by all the family with a shout that could put any drill sergeant to shame. I was more than happy to get out of this marriage with my sanity!

But a man being a man, it wasn’t long before loneliness set in and I soon found myself joining a local dating agency, but only to be disappointed time after time with more of the same. That was until one day I met a bloke in the local pub who had an absolutely drop dead gorgeous Thai girlfriend hanging onto his arm. I was so curious about the unlikely match that I just had to ask how he did it. He simply replied “thailovelinks!” then left with a wink.

Wow! It seemed I’d been looking for my ideal woman in all the wrong places, and so I rushed home and loaded thailovelinks in my browser without further ado. I was greeted with something like Get started now! – Join for free to start meeting Thai women for dating, romance or maybe even marriage. I can’t even tell you how many hours, and days I spent on that site over the coming weeks. It became most addictive!

After filling in a short profile about who I was, and what I was looking for, I began to get emails almost immediately from beautiful Thai women expressing an interest in me. The free membership offered at Thai Love Links is great for browsing through 1000’s of pretty pictures and profiles of Thai singles, but in order to communicate on a one-to-one level and exchange personal contact information, you have to sign up as a paid member.

Thailovelinks Gold Membership. Is it Worth the Money?

For just a few dollars a month, ($25 I think it was!), I had no problems with paying for what turned out to be one of the best and most resourceful online dating websites ever. I actually ended up needing only a 2 month membership with Thai Love Links as I found my perfect love in just 6 weeks, but I have to tell you, I had so much fun getting there 😉

In that short space of time I had a total of 114 women who had showed an interest in me, 16 of which I took up personal contact with. It was a stunningly beautiful 28 year old baby doll from Udon Thani Province who eventually won my heart. Not a bad result for a bloke approaching soft middle age! Another great feature is the Thailovelinks Chat Room, where you can talk with dozens of singles in real time, many of whom have webcams, so you really can see who you’re communicating with. Rachanee (my new love), and I spent a lot of time in the chat rooms before we eventually met up, and our relationship has progressed so well we plan to marry within a few months.

Thailovelinks – The Downside!

Like all dating websites, you never really know anyone until you meet them in person, or at least get to talk on a regular basis. Sometimes the profiles are manipulative and bear little resemblance to the actual person. There are also those young girls who are simply looking for a sugar daddy to help put them through college or give financial support to their immediate family, but I guess even this type of relationship is fine if both parties are happy with the arrangement. Thailovelinks offer lots of tips and suggestions which give members guidance on successful dating, but at the end of the day, you need to form your own conclusions on the people you communicate with.

The other drawback is that sometimes the pictures used in the personal profiles are like 10 years or older, especially with the more mature ladies. This can prove to be a bit of a shock when you’ve been communicating with someone for a while and the time comes to exchange some recent photos. I had one such case and the new photo bore no resemblance to one that caught my attention in the first place. This is obviously not something which is unique to Thai Love Links, but one should be cautious of the trickery applied by some members.

Thailovelinks – The Conclusion!

Whenever I went logged in to TLL, there were always around 400-550 plus women online at any given time and even more during the evenings and weekends local time. If you are someone who likes Asian woman, and in particular the Thais, then Thai Love Links is, in my opinion, the only place to be, and I have tried others. There’s simply a plethora of beautiful single women looking for love or friendship with Western men, making it virtually impossible not to find your Asian match

Article written by by George Mendez – Thanks for the contribution George

Thai Girls really are Good Girls. Aren’t they?

To be honest, Thai girls can be a bit of a handful but then it’s hardly surprising when you consider the cultural, language, and more often than not, the age difference there is when western guys hook up with these beautiful women. And of course, most do nothing to learn about cultural sensitivities before jumping head first into the fledgling relationship.However, if you find your Thai match through the appropriate channels, meaning not the bars, these women actually make excellent partners, but you’ll do yourself and the girl a favor if you take a bit of time to get to know each other properly, especially when communicating remotely. Asian girls in general, and women from Thailand specifically, make friendly, honest, faithful fiancées and wives, and their home and family life are highly valued as a part of their Traditional Education. Thai girls really are good girls!
Watch out for Sick Mothers and Unemployed Brothers!
Submitted by Brian BolcomeI enjoyed the above article, and I wish the writer all the best. But I have to say he’s been lucky finding his Thai love. Many foreigners that hook up with Thai ladies, should really get a grip and see the situation for what it is. These women, well most of them, are not interested in you but your bank account. If you don’t believe me, try for yourself and you will soon get the story about Sick Mothers who need emergency funds for life saving operations, and unemployed brothers who are down on their luck and need a loan to give them a kick-start in life. These are just 2 of the most popular scams, but family sickness, and crucial family loans WILL pop up in the first year of your marital bliss and frequently thereafter. Believe me!

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