The Cube Pick-Up Artist Routine

The Cube Pick-Up Artist Routine

After she has visualised the entire scenario, you can then tell her the meanings:

Cube = Yourself

Ladder = Your aspirations

Flowers = Your friends

Horse = Your ideal lover

Storm = Your challenges and problems

Some Pick-up Artists use different interpretations of the Ladder, Flowers, Horse etc. This is fine as long your interpretations don’t stray too far from the concept of “The Cube”, you want to concentrate on things that relate to her and avoid thoughts that invoke negative emotions.

It is not important to memorise exact answers and explanations to the above it is instead better to generalise and use vague but intriguing explanations.

The following is a list of popular examples of explanations of “The Cube“:

Example: Her: “The outside of the cube is hard and solid. The inside is empty”.
You: “The outside of the cube is how view yourself from the outside. You consider your self to be strong. The inside is empty because you feel unfulfilled in life.”

Example: Her: “My horse is leaning against the Cube” You: “Really? Why is it leaning against the Cube?”
Her: “Well, it’s just not strong enough” You: “Oh, I understand. It seems like the men in your life haven’t been strong enough. You need a strong, passionate and powerful man (maintain unbroken eye contact)

Remember, it’s important to ask clarifying questions throughout. Most of time you’ll often find that she does a lot of the work for you; you can then further elaborate, therefore making your reading more accurate.

As previously mentioned, “The Cube” is a very powerful technique: it can convey many things to a women and serve your interaction in a variety of ways. It can: help avoid boredom, Qualify her, build a connection, demonstrate high value, demonstrate a good sense of humour, and hook her.

The power lies in the fact that all of this can be achieved within only ten minutes and you can also use it on adultfrienedfinder app. This is why it is considered by many to be the definitive secret weapon in any pick up artist’s arsenal.

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