The history of the seduction community

The history of the seduction community

One of Mystery’s first students was renowned author Neil Strauss, who went by the community name of “Style”. Neil join the community to improve on his dismal skills with women and to evaluate the possibility of writing a book on the people of this secret community.

Neil, or “Style”, became extremely accomplished in approaching women, seducing women, how to flirt and social dynamics and eventually became a teacher himself.

Project Hollywood was born. Mystery, Style, Juggler, Herbal, Tyler Durden and others rented a mansion in the Hollywood hills and started teaching hundreds and hundreds of students. Other lairs and projects started forming all over the world in London, Sydney, New York and so on.

Neil wrote an article in 2001 for the New York Times detailing his experiences in the community and on adultfrienedfinder. This gave a springboard to his book entitled “The Game” which came out some time later.

Many other names, schools and teachers emerged during the period following 2002 onwards as the community became bigger and bigger. Around 2004 saw the more general commercialization of the community as more and more people were offering and selling products such as thrusting dildo, workshops and bootcamps.

The difference between the community at this point and mainstream dating advice was that the “community” gurus were actually going out day and night testing and improving their methods. The top guys in the community could seduce a woman every night if they wanted to and had gotten their skills down to a science. The academic and mainstream community was and still is years behind on a practical level of applied attraction techniques.

Neil Strauss’s book “The Game” was released around September/October of 2005 and hit the New York Times best-seller list. Neil compared the community to a men’s self-help movement and the book detailed his journey from being hapless with women to a seduction master.

The “Community” was forever changed. The once secret community of geeks who had become masters with women had now got itself a mainstream stage. People saw that what these guys were doing was working and people wanted a part of it.

Just after the release of the book hundreds of guys were signing up to the lairs, workshops and bootcamps wanting to learn the secrets.

Neil appeared on a number of TV programs to promote his book including Richard and Judy in the UK and The View in the US.

Later Wayne “Juggler” Elise hosted a TV series in the UK, on the Channel Four network called “seduction School” all about teaching guys how to get better with women.

The teachers and schools of the community gained more and more commercial success and formed more professional businesses. These include the Badboy lifestyle, Real Social Dynamics, PUA Training, Style Life, Charisma Arts, Pickup 101, Swinggcat Method and Master Your Sex Life.

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