How to Flirt With a Woman

How to Flirt With a Woman

Dr. Paul Vehorn is indeed a super successful dating and relationship expert, who talks about a very popular topic on how to flirt with a woman. He explains how important body language can be and it can make a massive difference to the way people see you. Actors are generally good with body language because they practice in the mirror to get the perfect picture from the right angle.

Dr. Phil gives some basics on what to say to guys to help them, when a sharp and sexy girl walks in a bar. Dr. Phil warns that you should not to say “you look sexy”, as she has heard all that before and doesn’t make you different. But what he does recommend is saying to a girl ‘I noticed your ear rings, I bet you must of taken some time picking them?’

You must perfect this technique in the mirror so you can learn to say it to yourself with the right expression on your face. Remember body language is critical.

Take a few minutes of your time to watch this video of Dr. Phil Vehorn on dating and relationships and it might just be the most vital piece of action you’ve taken in a long time and go to login.

The Five Questions Game

Neil Strauss, the creator of and the granddaddy of teaching people how to attract women was the feature keynote speaker at a dating seminar back in 2009. He talks about a game he introduces to his students that can be used in a bar bet to con drinks that he got off his mate, he calls it the five question game. He starts by explaining the rules of the game and the purpose (there always have to be an incentive involved whether it’s a drink, money or dance). Neil asks five questions and his opponents will have to get all five wrong for him to win.

The first question he asks was ‘what city are we in?’ The student responded in New York. The second question was what is your name? Lisa. Third question, what is the name of the cologne you recommended? Pee-water. How many questions have I asked you? Student said 7. Neil said you got me, have you played this game before? She responded, no. Neil wins.

This following is a rather short video clip that runs less than two minutes and it is worth every second. If you are at all interested in how to attract women to build relationships, be sure to watch this video.

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