The Second Date

The Second Date

So you’ve managed to get some return from your approaches, and your now about to go on a second date? Congratulations! Please accept a virtual high five from me. However it’s not necessarily plain sailing from this point, and sometimes second dates can even have more pitfalls than the first, I know it’s a nightmare!

However, there are some simple things that you can do to avoid any awkwardness that may arise, and increase your chances of sleeping with the girl in question.

Firstly, if a girl is meeting you for a second date, she likes you. It’s that simple. There is no way a girl would agree to meet you again unless she was attracted to you, and felt that you were worth getting to know better. Make sure you keep that fact in mind before going on your second date.

However, this doesn’t mean that anything is guaranteed, and you will not necessarily sleep with a girl just because she’s agreed to go on a second date with you like you used to at adulfrinendfinder. It also doesn’t mean that awkward silences won’t arise, and if you haven’t slept with each other yet, you’ll probably be a little uncertain how to act around her.

“But Brad, I’ve done everything you’ve said to get to this point. Surely it’s in the bag now?” I hear you chime.

Remain calm children, if you’re on a second date then you’re in a very strong position, and things should escalate naturally, but if you want to give yourself the best chance of sealing the deal then read on.

1. Meet her near your house. This is important, as it will make it much easier to get her back to yours, and it’s a good idea to sleep with a girl on a second date, not just because you’re attracted to her, but if you don’t then sex can become an issue, and it will be one in which she has all the control. Go to a bar near where you live, then later move on to a more intimate bar, and lastly suggest wine back at yours.

2. Greet her like she’s your girlfriend. She wouldn’t meet for a second date unless she found you attractive, so be tactile from the moment you greet her. Give her a brief hug, and a quick kiss on the lips and if she turns her head then kiss her on both cheeks. The more you kino, the more comfortable things are likely to be, and do it sooner rather than later. Don’t wait for a good time to touch her, as the longer you leave it the harder it gets.

3. Do not try and impress her. Doing this translates as a transparent ‘trade’ for sex, and some men will do something out of the ordinary to try and impress a woman so that she will sleep with him. For example, going to an expensive restaurant and paying for everything to show how much money they have. Girls will see through this, and you’re simply likely to attract the wrong kind of girl. Don’t get too analytical about this, and if she happens to be impressed by your witty and charming self then that’s great, but just don’t do anything that isn’t true to yourself in order to win her approval.

4. Lead. Women like a man who has a strong frame, and often women actually want to be led in an interaction. Have a plan in your mind about where to go, but always make it seem spontaneous. Greet her like she’s your girlfriend and maybe link her arm in yours as you playfully lead her to the next venue. Don’t ask her where she wants to go, lead her confidently and calmly, perhaps using a bit of humour. There is a difference between leading and pushing, and if a girl likes you she will comfortably follow your lead.

5. Good topics of conversation are: travel, relationships, pets, theatre, books, fitness.

Bad topics of conversation are: Religion, politics, overly serious conversations about careers

Arguing about left and right wing topics, or religious disciplines, are likely to kill off any sexual tension there may be. Leave these subjects for a serious discussion which can take place after sex. It’s generally fine to talk about what you want, as long as you can fit your conversation into the following principles of being: Fun, light hearted, open to sexual misinterpretation, easy to transition to strong feelings and emotions, and avoiding lengthy and serious logical debates.

6. Establish sexual tension. Obey the basics: Maintain eye contact, speak slowly, and use kino. But remember that it’s your second date now, so she does find you attractive and should be more than happy with you touching her. You can pretty much make any excuse to touch her arms or legs, and doing this will increase both the comfort and sexual tension.

By all means take the lead, but never try and force a girl to do something that she doesn’t want to do. Keep the tone of a second date playful, but remember that she is attracted to you, so keep this in mind if you’re feeling hesitant about using kino, or giving an IOI (indicator of interest) Two venues should be enough, and make the second more intimate than the first. Transition from the second venue by suggesting that you go back to yours for wine, and have fun!

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