The Seduce and Saying Anything Principle

The Seduce and Saying Anything Principle

What most guys don’t realize is that 90% of seduction is nonverbal. No matter how many language tricks, pick-up lines, or seduction routines you have, if your body language is not powerful and sexy, whatever you tell a woman will fall flat. If you cannot control the tone of your voice, your eye contact, your smile, your posture and more, no matter what lines you use it will appear INCONGRUENT.

Now I’m always open to new ideas, especially when coming from people I highly respect. I’m referring to Sexual Rapport Modeling, by Keanu J Jagger. I was even one of the individuals he modeled in creating his system.

Using his techniques over the last few months has improved my game on adultfrienedfinder tremendously. Let me tell you a story. I was recently asked to pick up a friend of a friend and bring her to a small get-together I was attending. As soon as she stepped into my car I was thinking wow, what a cutie. I used advanced nonverbal eye contact while maintaining a NORMAL conversation (sorry… in respect for Keanu I can’t give exactly what I did away). I was not using any language patterns, or anything like that. My verbal conversation had no apparent agenda.

Just by manipulating my voice tonality, eyes, posture, smile, physical proximity, and a few other “attraction stimulators” you could call them I had this girl HUNG on every word I said with that doggy-dinner bowl look in her eyes. And I specifically talked about BORING shit that would BORE her and I still got an incredible response… because of the WAY I said it and the way I NONVERBALLY communicated sexual attraction. I swear, you could read to a girl the phone book or your grocery list and get her hot with Keanu’s stuff!

Anyway, as I drove her to the party, I noticed that with time she started to TURN TOWARD ME with her legs OPEN in a RECEPTIVE “do-me-now” position. And she was pretty cute with “that girl next door” look too.

We got to the party and I ignored my cutie and talked with the hostess instead. I had made out with the hostess once, and it was apparent to those keen enough to notice it. My cutie came up and interrupted our conversation (a little jealous hmm..) and asked if I’d go outside with her. I told her I wouldn’t go outside, but that she could talk to me in one of the “back rooms” (in other words, the bedroom). We went to one of the “back rooms”, I closed the door and sat on the bed. She asked me what my relationship to the hostess was!

I kept her guessing and started to tease her about being a “jealous girlfriend.” She liked my teasing but she wasn’t taking the initiative to sit down on the bed with me. I used Keanu’s physical intrusion principle (which is pure genius it was so effective). The sparks flew like fireworks off her skin I could literally feel this girl go into some kind of female heat and also an incredible tension and feeling of surrender.

I felt like it was right, so I just started making out with her right there. No big deal really. She turned away, so I started kissing her neck… and the rest is history.

I know that seems FAST, but with the right girl and when you project yourself nonverbally as the sexiest man she’s ever met, women will often just go for it right there, or at the very least make themselves available to you. After all, nonverbal communication is 90% of the seduction game. If you master the art of nonverbal seduction, you can literally say ANYTHING to a woman and create attraction in them. It’s less what you say as HOW you say it.

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