How to be an Alpha Male

How to be an Alpha Male

Alpha male (noun): The dominant member in a group of men. Holds strong influence over group activities. Has priority pick when it comes to sex with women.

The fact is that women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of male. Alpha males are confident, dominant and are natural leaders. Some are born with these skills; these guys are more attractive to women. Alpha males are not seen as “friends’, they are seen as mates, sexual beings and are consider to be influential. An alpha male can attract women from across a room with only a glance.

Think about people that you know who are great with women at adultfrienedfinder app. Think about how they act, how they’re perceived and talked about. Men who are not naturally good with women tend to be friends with men who are. Being friends with an alpha male improves your status, acceptance and outward perception. In order to become and alpha male there are three principal characteristics that you need to adopt.


  • An alpha male is confident
  • • An alpha male knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.
  • • An alpha male doesn’t seek approval or validation from others; he is comfortable in his own skin.
  • • An alpha male is comfortable and relaxed around women


  • • An alpha male is someone with the ability to lead a group
  • • An alpha male is the person everyone looks to in moments of crisis or uncertainty.
  • • An alpha male is assertive and decisive. He knows exactly what to do and when to do it.


  • • An alpha male is a high status
  • • He believes in himself and this is apparent to others
  • • In a group you will often find only one alpha male, as alpha males clash with other alpha males.

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