What To Do If Your Nervous With Women

What To Do If Your Nervous With Women

The next thing you need to do is make a habit of approaching women. Don’t set out with any goal other than to talk. Don’t worry about getting her number or asking her out; simply have a conversation. See what you learn from it.

Make your goal to approach 1 woman the first night. Then 3 women the next night, and 4 women after that.

By the time you have approached 8 women, you will have noticed something. It gets easier.

You’ll also notice that you’ll have great conversations with some of these women. That alone will give you with more confidence about yourself than you had before you started.

Once you have approached 8 women, and have had a couple of conversations with them, you are over the hard part. After that, it’s all easy sailing.

I’m not saying you won’t get nervous approaching women, but you’ll probably find that you are only really nervous before you approach the first woman on any given night.

You’ll come to realize that it really is a ratio thing. Many women want to be approached and have a chat, but some don’t. That’s just the way it is.

The good thing is that even if you don’t get her phone number, the next time you see her, you are now familiar to her, so she’ll be more willing to trust you and talk to you.

You’ll become good friends with some women, and chances are they’ll wind up introducing you to their hot friends. That makes the whole female seduction strategy easier. You have instant credibility when you are introduced to them by their friend.

The final thing you need to be aware of is this: are there things about yourself that you are be worried about? For instance, you may be worried about approaching women on adultfrienedfinder because you are bald, or fat, or maybe you are a lot older than they are.

If you do, then you’ll be really interested to hear what I have to say in the next newsletter: why you have a great chance with good looking women. Until then!confident, but there’s another element to personality as well. Women like confidence, but they also enjoy being around someone who smiles, is happy, and has a sense of humor. Don’t take all the advice to “be confident” at face value. Confidence without a little good nature to temper it will have women thinking you’re cocky.

Don’t try to get girls drunk.

Alcohol makes women more receptive to suggestion, but it also switches on a certain “automatic rejection” circuit in many women. This is simply the internal knowledge that she is too drunk to make good decisions, and will reject you out of a sense of personal preservation. And if a girl who is too drunk is there with friends, the friends will almost certainly run interference and take her home before you can take advantage of the inebriated state. With all this in mind, a drink or two is fine, but trying to get a girl drunk is really counter productive.

Pick one girl per group.

If there is a group of girls, you’re going to have to pick one, not sample all of them. The fact is, no one wants to feel like they’re being flirted with just because their friend rejected you. It just won’t yield any positive response at all. Don’t try to “make the rounds” of a group of girls, as it will really just be a waste of your time. Pick one in the group, but not necessarily the most attractive – you may find you have far better luck with one of the lesser girls.

Be generous but honest with your compliments.

If you’re laying down pickup lines, girls will know. If they are regulars to the club, they’ve surely heard them all before. It’s embarrassing for you to use cheesy lines and boring for them. A good example of this is a trap that girls often set for the unsuspecting Casanova. Here it is: you tell her what beautiful eyes she has. She immediately closes them and asks you what color they are. If you were just blowing hot air, you won’t know, and then you’re busted. Time to move on. It’s best to give genuine compliments based on things you actually find attractive about the person.

Be yourself. Simple.

It’s really difficult to keep up an act, and usually a girl will be able to tell. If you just act like yourself, the girl will trust you more and you will find maintaining conversation (and flirtation) a whole lot easier.

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