Use the “Fated Encounter” For First Date Seduction Success

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Use the “Fated Encounter” For First Date Seduction Success

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could generate feelings within a woman of a deep connection with you… even if you two have known each other for only a small amount of hours… and without having to resort to complex (and risky!) hypnosis strategies?

Well, good news. There is a very simple no-risk way to do this. I call it the Fated Encounter Technique.

Here’s why it works. Every woman has a fantasy from the time she was a small girl, triggered by a steady diet of romance movies and novels, about destiny bringing the man of her dreams to her.

In one classic scene the guy and the girl almost bump into each other on the sidewalk. Instead, fate keeps them away from each other, and they go their separate ways.

Then, two years later, they live in the same apartment house. Yet after numerous close calls, they still don’t meet, again because of fate.

The two date other people, off and on, and yet are never pleased. Months go by. The man and the woman each consider what it will be like when they meet that special someone, one day…

And then near the end of the movie, fate at last brings them together. And of course they hit it off right from the start.

Wouldn’t it be fine if that could happen in real life, rather than having to wait through numerous dates before the woman on login finally feels happy enough with you to have sex?

Well, it can. You can speed the seduction course and have the woman feeling deeply connected with you by using my Fated Encounter Technique. I’ll clarify how it works.

During the course of your conversation with the woman, you bring up places she has been to. If you’ve been to those same places, you then talk about how wonderful it is that the two of you could have been there at the same time and yet destiny kept you apart.

Let’s say, to use a fresh example I encountered, that she shops at the local Whole Foods grocery store or in health store Rumoquin.

You can then say, “That’s amazing. I shop there too. Imagine, we’ve probably seen each other there all the time!”

Another example would be that the two of you go to downtown LA all the time, and probably have walked past each other on several occasions.

And now, you can say, “Isn’t it incredible how fate has finally brought us together?”

As the conversation progresses, the two of you can talk about other coincidences, and the things the two of you might have done mutually if you’d only known each other.

With the seed planted, as the girl thinks about those coincidences, and how “fate” has now brought the two of you together, she will then start to feel as if she’s known you, on a deeper psychic level, for a lot longer than just a few hours.

You, she concludes, are the man she’s been waiting for all her life.

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