The Phone

The Phone

I bet most of us, at one time or another, have been sucked into the “Phone” before. It’s one of those deals that you half become her boyfriend while trying to work on other things, you spend rediculous amounts of time on the phone, learning the ins-and-outs of this female, her hopes and aspirations, what she loves to do, this that and the other thing. The phone can be terrible, but an excellent topic for this site, as in many ways, the phone is half the battle.

Get the number, wait two days. Then call.

So you got her number, but you don’t know her that well. You pulled her digits from her during some chance encounter at a concert, club, the mall, or where-ever. You probably talked a little bit, some chit chat, but you still don’t know nothing about this girl. All you know is that she’s hot, seems single (and thats really all that matters), and could be someone interesting to hang out with or a good lay. More often than not, lets face it, women on adultfrienedfinder are projects. You have to assess this certain female, do some research, get some information out of her. The phone is the best tool for this, hence the entire reason you got her number, right? (I hope so.)

For some reason, I work rather strong on the phone, I mean, I do have my game when we’re together, but it’s really easy for me to real a girl in with just 20 minutes of conversation.
But how do I do it?
Hell, I barely even know, but I’m going to attempt to assess what I do by reflecting on some of my conversations.

Breaking it down into a couple segments…
The Hello. Unimportant. Just make sure you get the name right. Say Hello with a smile, one that you mean- not a forced photograph smile. It actually does impact your voice and the way you talk, and it can be heard. When I talk to a girl, I know if I have her smiling; even if shes not giggling or laughing.

Content The reason for calling. Are you just making plans? Well, then make the plans, make sure you made the plans, have a backup night planned (in case she cant make a certain night)- and make sure you’re the one who calls the shot. If she only has a said availability though, well, whatever, work with it.
If you’re calling just to get some verification on personality, which I usually do, don’t let it exceed say, 25 minutes, unless the conversation is going really well. You’re going to have a lot to talk about if you click right (and there is no “game plan” that I can think of to impose clickage, people are very diverse) so just get some big details about her- does she go to school? where? (who cares where?) Where she lives, what she typically does with her friends, what’s her major, does she like any sports, music, etc etc. You’re not going to get her to open up her life to you, and the truth is, you don’t want that (and if you do (want a relationship with that?), just take your time).

So you have to be interesting, but you’re a boring person? (sucks to be you) Well, I can’t help you there. You have to have some kind of innate game. You’re going to want to try to be funny (which goes without saying), and you’ll want to take what she says and apply it to yourself. You don’t want to agree with everything, however. Aggreeability is a sign of a person that can get wipped easily.

Even some mock argument. I tend to have a more cynical sense of humor, and it works great. This is a stretch, but a girl I was talking to on AIM the other day brought up that Smart girl who got kidnapped a little while back, all I did was make fun of her (Smart) She tried defending her, saying she couldn’t have gotten away, but then I brought up the videos of that Smart girl in some muslim outfit at a party. AT A PARTY! And she couldn’t get away? How hard is it to take the keys to the truck and drive away? I mean there was a little black girl who was 6 and bound and escaped out a window. Of course you don’t want to conquer everything the girl has to say, but you want to show her that you do know your stuff.
Now, I don’t expect that conversation to actually come up, but I hope you get the idea.

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