Want A Romance Relationship?

Want A Romance Relationship?

How to turn your man into the most romantic guy in the world and create ultimate relationship romance….

Ok, so you are dating a guy you really like, but hell could he do with a lesson or two in romance!!

Here’s The Ultimate Romance Relationship Phase 1

First things first. Heard the saying “give a dog a good name”?

Don’t miss an opportunity to tell him how romantic he is!

Tell him often! Tell him for the smallest of reasons. Let him know you LOVE how romantic he is.

Reward him there and then with a kiss.

He opens the door for you… STOP.

“Andy, I LOVE that about you!” Squeal with delight. Give him a romantic kiss. “You’re such a gentleman! You’re so romantic!”

THEN walk through the door!

This is the secret of creating a romance relationship if the romance is lacking your relationship at the moment. Give him the “romantic man” title!

You’ve run out of paper-clips and he goes out and buys you some?

“Oh Andy!!” Squeal with delight. Give him a romantic kiss. “You’re the best! It’s the little things that count. You’re so romantic!”

He offers to make you a cup of coffee?

“Andy, I’d love one!” Squeal with delight. Give him a romantic kiss. “I know I tell you this a lot, but I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world! You’re so romantic!”

Get the point?

That’s how to create a romance relationship!

Soon enough, he will be formulating plans and ideas of his own to keep up and maintain his image of being the most romantic guy in the world for you.

Just give him that title first.

We are all creatures of habit. Help him to GET INTO THE HABIT of being romantic, and that romance relationship will naturally follow.

Now, you may think, my man will never buy this, he’s just not into mushy stuff.

Well here’s some news. Men give their lives for the women they love.

Respect that by showing him that you notice the smallest of things he does – and reward it positively.

We live in a society where embarrassment is usually the order of the day when it comes to people we know. We are embarrassed to say things to people we know when it comes to expecting something back in return.

Some people are underpaid in jobs, and are embarrassed to ask their boss for a pay rise. Some people feel neglected in a relationship, but are too embarrassed to speak with their partner about it because it sounds mushy.

Hey, never lose sight of one thing. Whether he may be “not mushy”, but there are no restrictions on you right? It’s a girl’s prerogative.

Consider this

We all love recognition and praise, in the workplace don’t we? It inspires us to work better, harder, longer hours, and give more commitment doesn’t it?

Men are no different in relationships. Apply that very same principle to your relationship, and watch that romance relationship blossom.

Each time you give him a kiss, and tell him how romantic he is, it’s only going to strengthen that romance relationship and that romantic bond.

There’s a lot of romantic intimate power in a kiss. Outside the bedroom, it’s the strongest form of positive emotional expression to strengthen a romance relationship.

Use it well, and use it at every opportunity that lets you praise him for something as being romantic.

He may feel or act embarrassed if you embrace him and plant a big kiss on his lips in front of his friends, but let me tell you this. He won’t ever hate you for being nice or loving towards him.

He’ll be glowing inside.

Take my word for it.

I’m a man.

Just put these ideas into practice and see the results for yourself.

Ok, so now you’ve got him on “I’m the most romantic guy in the universe” auto-pilot.

The romance relationship you want is within grasp…

What next?

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