Platonic Relationship

Platonic Relationship

platonic relationship can be challenging to maintain. Platonic relationships may actually take just as much effort and dedication as romantic relationships do, and they may actually cause more pain. Platonic relationships require more attention than is believed. As friends in a platonic relationship are generally pretty emotionally close, these friends must rely on honesty, trust and dedication to one another. Friends in a platonic relationship must be able to trust one another with emotions. If friends are not honesty with one another, trust can easily be broken.

If trust is broken, the relationship will lose its closeness. Relationships need trust to function. Friends are drawn towards the ability to listen to one another and feel comfortable. Friends also need loyalty. If platonic partners are not loyal, they may feel skeptical towards one another. They may feel hurt when they are not receiving as much attention as they expect. One of the most difficult issues with platonic relationships is controlling urges. Two people in a platonic relationship must be able to fight the urge to grow closer.

If one person in the relationship has developed romantic feelings for the other person, this relationship can no longer function as a platonic one. Partners will feel upset when they realize that the other person does not share the same romantic feelings. This can create a major disturbance in the friendship, and sometimes, it can separate friends and remove the closeness they previously had. Heartbreak can occur when one person in the platonic relationship enters a new romantic relationship. This can cause jealousy in many instances. This can also be an alarming experience if one person in the platonic relationship did not know of the other person’s romantic interest. Heartbreak can also occur when a romantic relationship collides with a platonic relationship.

The partner’s lover may disapprove of the platonic relationship. The new lover may also want the partner to spend less time in the platonic relationship. This can be incredibly difficult to carry through, and it can become even more difficult if a person has to choose between the two relationships. Platonic relationships, although tough to maintain, can be an extremely beneficial and amazing experience. They provide a source of trust and happiness. They are welcoming relationships that help participants grow emotionally. As long as partners remain honest and loyal, a platonic relationship can provide a best friend and a safe-haven for its participants. Platonic relationships can develop into deeper romantic relationships in the future, but this should not be the expectation.

All that should really be expected from a platonic relationship is the trust, honesty and loyalty. A platonic relationship can add excitement and happiness in the lives of its participants. The relationship can be an extremely beneficial experience if it is a stable and trusting relationship. Partners must be extremely careful to not hurt one another. As long as interests are clearly understood, platonic relationships are healthy resources of friendship and love balanced out well.

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