Confusing Girl

Confusing Girl

First of all I want you to know that it’s a great site and I mostly like the articles that you write, they are really good and have helped a lot because I’ve become more confident and I am getting more girls than I want, thank you for that.

I think the best article is “Confidence Overdrive” and I have a question about it: I always tell my friends about my personal life and also ask them for advice alot. Do you think this is something wrong? In the article it says don’t tell them if you get laid but it doesn’t say don’t tell them the other parts or ask them for advice. So is what I’m doing right? I also have one more question..

I have been out on two dates with this hot blonde girl (no way I could date her if I had not read your site :)) and the thing is that these two dates took place at my place but it’s so awkward that I couldn’t make a move on her. Actually she kind of doesn’t let me and when I try I feel like she is not comfortable. The thing is that she is not a shy girl and I thought that maybe she didn’t like me but she told my sister that she is really attracted to me, so what do you think is the problem? By the way she told me that it’s kind hard for her to trust a guys because of her past experiences.. she told me that most guys just wanted to get physical with her and she got hurt alot. I don’t know what to do, what do you think?

Thank you man,


Hi Jack,

I don’t think that asking your friends for advice is a bad idea at all… and doing so can greatly improve your game on adultfriendrfinder. It’s kind of like how everyone shares their tips and knowledge here at… if we did not do that we would not be able to learn half as much as we do.

However, if you want to be able to properly use the “Confidence Overdrive” technique, then you can not tell your friends a lot about your dating/sex life. I recommend only telling them just enough information to get some decent advice.

When it comes to this blond girl you were talking about… I can honestly say that I can not tell you what her particular problem is because I have not met her myself… but I can tell you what you can do to get her to warm up to you :

Next time she comes over your place throw on some slow jams and dim the lights. Then sit beside her and talk in a mellow tone, while making eye contact, smiling, and touching her whenever possible. Talk to her for a long time, then change the topic of the conversation to sex… which will set the mood for you to make a move. After talking about sex for a few minutes you should begin looking for an opportunity to kiss her, a unique way to do this is by using the “Make a deal” technique. For example, you wait for her to say that she wants something or wants to do something and you reply with “Ok, but only if you kiss me…”. This strategy has worked wonders for me in the past, try it out and see what happens.

Let me know how things turn out,

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