Write Better Personal Ads

Write Better Personal Ads

If you’re going to invest time and money into using an online dating service, you should pay attention to writing a profile that will get you responses. People will not be interested in emailing you if you don’t do something to make yourself stand out. Here’s some helpful guidelines:

Plan Ahead

Before you post your profile, write a rough draft on paper and show it to a friend. By having another person check it out, they may see potential problems or important points that should be included. You want your profile to reflect who you are as much as possible, and a third party can often see what you may miss.

Include a Photo

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we’re all influenced by visualizations. Post a realistic photo of yourself. It’s also a great idea to rotate photos every few weeks to help bring attention to your profile. Surveys show that ads with photos are 80% more likely to get a response.

Test the Market

There are many different ways to write a great profile. A short witty or humorous description may work for you, or a longer description that expresses more detail may bring the responses you’re looking for. Try placing several different profiles to see which one gets results.

The Opening Line

Like a newspaper’s headline, your username will either grab someone’s attention or be passed by without a second thought. NeedleintheHayStack is definitely more interesting than Mary39483. What’s even better is if you’re allowed a subject line – “Looking for My Knight in Faded Denim” shows the purpose of your profile but with a touch of humor.

Details Matter

Once someone has clicked on your adultfrienedfinder app profile, you need to keep them interested. To do this, you want to come across intelligent but not stuffy. Be sure to use proper spelling, grammar and complete sentences. Many people don’t understand the coded words used in internet instant messages so don’t use them! And all capital letters are definitely taboo; not only to they give the impression of aggression, shouting or anger, but it’s actually harder to read. Be sure you include an invitation to contact you within the body of your profile; its not always assumed.

Go Beyond the Physical

Although looks matter at first, in the long run it’s the person inside that matters most. Don’t waste precious profile space describing how great looking you are; instead let the viewers know what kind of person you are, your likes and dislikes. And remember, humor is one of the top three attributes that people are looking for in a partner.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Don’t kid yourself by making false statements to impress someone. If you’re not honest, it will definitely be discovered eventually. This is particularly important when you express your intentions – life partner or casual date. It’s quite disappointing when you find out that you’re dating someone with intentions that are different from your own.

Be Positive

Who wants to read about or listen to someone who complains all the time? Keep that in mind when your writing your profile. Avoid all references to negative ex-relationships. Express your attributes in positive terms. Express the things you want and not the things you DON’T want.

Note to the Guys

Here’s a biggie you guys need to avoid. Seldom will you find a woman’s profile that says “looking for a no strings attached relationship.” And that’s the last thing a woman wants to hear from a guy! There’s many types of relationships, but none have ‘no strings attached.’ If you don’t want strings, you are aren’t looking for a date but an escort service.

Ladies! Listen Up

If you want to provide the escort service to the guy in the above statement that’s easily accomplished with the wording you use in your profile. But. . . if that is not your intention, carefully reconsider including ‘hot to trot‘ or ‘I’d like to make it with you’ type of statements.

Safety First

Never provide an online contact your full name, phone number of address until you are certain that the person you are dealing with is reputable. Meet in a public place and follow your gut when something doesn’t feel right. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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