What You Can Expect When Paying For The First Date With A Woman

What You Can Expect When Paying For The First Date With A Woman

When it comes to a “first date” there are certain things you can expect when you pay for the first date with a woman.

Actually there is really only one thing you can expect when paying for the first date and that picking up the bill.

Depending on how big of a bill you lead women into believing you will pay will also determine how much interest she has in you.

The bigger or nicer the bill she thinks you are going to pay the less interest in you she is going to need to go out with you.

In fact, some women (small minority) will go out with you even though they have zero interest in you if the bill is big enough.

While the misguided might think it is to your advantage to increase the amount of women willing to go out with you simply by opening up your wallet.
The truth of the matter is the more she thinks you are willing to spend on a first date the lower her attraction for you is going to be.

In other words, if a woman’s attraction level was based on a scale of 1-100 with 1 being the lowest amount of attraction or interest and 100 being the greatest.

The man who attempts to increase his dating pool on adultfrienedfinder by doing things to attract those who are lower on the scale is also going to decrease the attraction level of those women who are higher on the scale.

So if you are using methods to attract women who are in the 50’s on the attraction scale any women who is above the 50’s with you is going to have to drop their attraction of you closer to that 50 level since that is where you are at.

Now, they might not go completely down to that level at first, however if you keep treating a woman based on the lower levels of attractions she is eventually going to drop down to that level and that is not where you want her to be.

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