An Inside Look On How to Attract A Woman

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An Inside Look On How to Attract A Woman

Hey Guys,

This week I have a very unusual treat for you. A few guys emailed me their wish lists of things they’d like me to write about. I swear, occasionally I feel like Santa! High on their lists was a demand for a few real life examples of my techniques in battle. My feeling is that the more examples you hear and read about, the deeper your perception of my techniques will become. Put simply, genuine examples are amazing!

Those of you who’ve had the occasion to read my book know that I have a great example of this in the last chapter. I have decided to embrace a report a guy sent in to me about him sleeping with a woman within a very short time frame using my techniques. In this article I am going to analyze it by breaking down the techniques he used to get extremely sexual with this woman. I am really spoon feeding you some powerful information for success with women. Putting something like this together, however, expends a lot of time and energy. If you profit, though, my pains are well worth it!

To really gain from this, you need to have read my book. So, if you own my book but have not taken the time to read it, do! If you haven’t invested in my book yet, you need to. By not having read my book you are depriving yourself of much of the reimbursement you could be getting from this article. So, pick up a copy here


“What’s up man? I purchased your book.  I read it two times and have an outstanding success story to tell you about…

My friend brought me to a bar in Norfolk, VA last weekend to meet up with this girl he’s dating on login and her friend.  Neither of us knew what to anticipate with “the friend” but when we got there, I had met her before.  In reality, she was the girlfriend of a business associate of mine a few years back.  She’s 5’9″, 120 pounds, brunette with the greenest eyes you could ever picture.  In short, a total hottie.  I wanted her then, and you better accept as true I wanted her now. I made a “cool” effort at reminding her of who I was and she managed to play like she couldn’t remember.  Nice – a challenge! So we proceeded to sit down at a table and I disregarded her totally at first.  I paid finicky attention to my friend and his girlfriend and inclined my body language 45 degrees away from the other girl. After about 15 minutes she attempted to engage me by “recalling” things from the times we had formerly met. I reframed her recollection as an effort to pick me up, and that I don’t connect myself with girls who aren’t honest the first time. This got her REALLY interested, because I was escalating my prizability while basically calling her a liar for acting like she didn’t remember me before.  I waited until she starting leaning into me and then I inclined myself in the direction of her a little more.  I then did a faultless cold-reading.

“I know you come across as a cruel-hearted bitch to most guys.  But that’s only because you haven’t met your equal yet.  You haven’t met a guy that could keep you in your position and make you understand that the world doesn’t rotate around you.  Well let me tell you something that has all come to end right here and right now. You are about to experience something for the first time, and you’re going to completely love it.”  OMG dude.  The look in her eyes was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  So I told her we were going for a stroll.  She followed me.  I walked in front of her.  Then I took her arm.  Then I took her hand.  Then I let go of her hand and walked in front of her again.  Then I twisted around, pulled her close to me and kissed her hard on the mouth.  Then I pushed her away.  She told me I was “evil” (I keep in mind reading that in the final pages of your book — so I KNEW I was doing all the right things). I stood there with my eyebrow raised just looking at her like she had some kind of nerve calling me “evil”.  She came over to me and proceeded to kiss me like it was the last kiss she would ever have.  I gave in for about 20 seconds, then softly pushed her away and told her that I am not a sex doll and I had no intent of sleeping with her (the sausage with feet line didn’t feel true, so I went with another adaptation). Then I said that our friends were waiting for us and proceeded to start to saunter back to where they were sitting.  She followed.  We went to the fresh Devil’s Martini which is a classy dance club/bar in Norfolk. I danced with her and just about every other woman in the club.  I even tried to make her dance with other hot guys, but she wouldn’t do it. She kept coming back to me and grinding on me. I began dancing on a raised stage where all the chicks could check me out and my friend’s g/f came up to me and told me that I was so hot and she could tell that every woman in the place wanted me.  Nice. But that is my conviction anyway, so she was just affirming what I already knew. Finally I left the stage and walked away. My girl followed. I went to the bar. She followed.  I went back to the dance floor. She followed.  I went out on the courtyard and yes, she followed.  So I figured by now I could have anything I wanted with her so I told her we were going back to her place. She made a feeble effort at saying that I had told her she wasn’t having sex with me. I started revolving away from her and said “Ok, you’re completely right. Never mind.”, but she spun me around, kissed me and dragged me out of the place, back to her Lexus and straight to her apartment where she proceeded to dance stripper fashion for me, give me some of the best oral sex ever and essentially offered her self to me in any way that I chose.

Thanks for putting together such a great lesson on how to be the prize. It really works great!”

 – J from LA

Wow! – This is some immense stuff. Get out your note pad because we’re about to pull apart what J from LA did.

“She’s 5’9″, 120 pounds, brunette with the greenest eyes you could ever envision. In short, a full hottie.”

J, don’t falter to email me her phone number. LOL

“I wanted her then, and you better accept as true I wanted her now. I made a “cool” effort at reminding her of who I was and she managed to play like she couldn’t remember.  Nice –
A challenge!”

Notice J’s frame of mind: Even though he was probably lustier than a horny monkey, he didn’t place an illogical amount of worth on her. When most men are interacting with a really attractive woman, they put a enormous amount of value on her. When she doesn’t react in the way they hoped, they act like their life source has been cut off. When you treat a woman – particularly when first getting to know her – as your source of life, you are putting yourself in a very compromising situation.

It is next to impossible to set up yourself as the PRIZE when you put a gigantic worth on a woman wanting, accepting, and validating you. It also conveys to her that your life is dull and that you are hoping she will fill the empty space of thrill in your life. Conveying this to women makes it improbable that they will respond to you in a positive way. Train yourself not to operate this way around women.

This is, of course, easier said than done. Simply put, even if we tell ourselves consciously to not do something, we frequently times find ourselves slipping back into the same old manners like taking rumoquin plm. That’s why I broadly talk about frames and developing a strong belief system in my book. Learning about Frames and developing a sturdy Belief System are powerful weapons to offset this sluggishness.  

If you haven’t read my book yet, something that may help is taking the attitude that if you don’t ATTRACT her, it is no giant loss. If you do succeed at ATTRACTING her, then, if she’s fortunate, she gets to be an addition to your already thrilling life. This conveys to a woman that not getting her is of no big loss to you. Conveying this is a huge part of establishing Prizability: Defining yourself as having higher professed value.

Furthermore, notice how in J’s veracity the possibility of her rejecting him does not even exist. Instead, he interprets her ignoring him as a test.

“So we proceeded to sit down at a table and I disregarded her totally at first. I paid meticulous attention to my friend and his girlfriend and inclined my body language 45 degrees away from the other girl.”

J did the correct thing. Why should he give a woman claiming not remember him consideration? Think about it: If some four hundred pound woman, complete with growth on chin, a big bushy beard, and cheesy bread in hand, pretended to not remember you, you’d just pay no attention to her, wouldn’t you?

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