An Inside Look On How to Attract A Woman

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An Inside Look On How to Attract A Woman

Most men, however, would react to a beautiful woman in a different way because they put a lot of value on her visual appeal. But when you let someone to disrespect you, it faintly conveys that you place more value on them than on yourself. Start becoming aware of your reactions to the way women treat you – especially women you’ve just met. Do your responses to being ill treated by women you’ve just met express that you put a huge amount of value on them?

“After about 15 minutes she attempted to keep me by ‘recalling’ things from the times we had previously met. I reframed her remembrance as an effort to pick me up, and that I don’t connect myself with girls who aren’t honest the first time. This got her REALLY attracted, because I was growing my prizability while essentially calling her a liar for acting like she didn’t remember me before.”

Interesting. Notice the change. She went from not remembering him to recalling events from the previous time they’d met. When you reject to tolerate ill-treatment from a woman, conveying that you put more value on your values, expectations of others, and yourself than on her beauty, oftentimes, she’ll end up perceiving you as a PRIZE she wants to win over.

“I then did a faultless cold-reading.’I know you come across as a ruthless bi*tch to most guys. But that’s only because you haven’t met your equal yet.  You haven’t met a guy that could keep you in your place and make you understand that the world doesn’t rotate around you. Well let me tell you something that has all come to end right here and right now.  You are about to experience something for the first time, and you’re going to completely love it.’ OMG dude. 
The look in her eyes was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

You might think this is a bit cruel but trust me – it’s actually quite powerful! This woman is most likely used to men from login putting a lot of value on her, doing things on her conditions, trying to live up to her expectations,  giving her all of their control, causing them to get SUCKED INTO HER REALITY.

She is most likely unresponsive of guys getting effortlessly sucked into her reality, and, perhaps, bored of her own realism

The fundamental meaning of his cold reading to her was this: “I know you’re used to men getting sucked into your reality, but that ends RIGHT NOW, darling! Not only am I disinclined to get sucked into your reality, but your about to get sucked into my mine.” Read what I just wrote once more, because I gave away some really great info.

“So I told her we were going for a stroll. She followed me.”

Of course she followed, she was sucked into his reality – and, I’m sure, treasured each second of it!

“Then I twisted around, pulled her close to me and kissed her hard on the lips.  Then I pressed her away. She told me I was “evil” (I remember reading that in the concluding pages of your book – so I KNEW I was doing all the correct things). I stood there with my eyebrow cocked just looking at her like she had some kind of guts calling me “evil”. She came over to me and proceeded to kiss me like it was the last kiss she would forever have.”

This is a nice implementation of what in book I call “Physical Push-Pull.” This is a very powerful form of Prizing – making a woman want, and reach, and pursue for more of you. There is a lot more to it than what I am going to talk about here. One important feature is that by pushing a woman away from you while kissing her, you are creating a Tension Loop – creating unsettled emotional tension inside her of not being quite sure what you think of her and take pain away with rumoquin.

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