Are You Actually Ready For A Relationship

Are You Actually Ready For A Relationship

If you’ve been dating for awhile, you’re probably aware that a lot of women like to make comments about how men are jerks and how much it sucks to date an asshole. (It’s a common topic on first dates with some women.)

The typical guy will usually agree with her, which will then prompt the woman to start whining about her past relationships and abusive ex-boyfriends.

This is a HUGE mistake on the guy’s end! Why?

Because whenever you act like a “cheerleader” and cheer a woman on when she whines about men, it is NOT going to build her attraction for you.

In fact, it’s going to LOWER her attraction for you. The more you “cheer” her on, the more she’s going to start seeing you as a “friend” instead of a potential lover she meets at login.

Her respect for you as a man will DROP substantially and you’ll be forever locked inside the “friendship jail”.

So what should you do when a woman start whining about the jerks she has dated in the past? It’s very simple.

Just treat it as one of her tests. Act indifferent. Just shoot her a smile and say, “Well… that’s how we men are built. It’s why we’re men…” Then change the topic and move on.

Congratulations. You’ve just passed a test most guys fail!

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts About Dating

In this article I want to focus on negative thoughts, thinking, and attitudes that can interfere with you succeeding with women. Here are some tips, thoughts, and suggestions to help you get on the right road to succeeding with single women.

1. If all you do is focus your thoughts on your faults, weaknesses, and failures in pursuing single women, then this will distract you from being successful. When these thoughts invade your mind, learn to look away. Don’t allow your mind to be poisoned by what I call the enemy that is trying to prevent you from succeeding.

2. Don’t let your negative thoughts keep you from going forward to meet and approach women. Stop saying, “I don’t have what it takes.”

3. Remember that if you feel like a failure with women, then you will continue living out your failures. It will become a self-fulfilling phophecy.

4. Quit focusing on what you can’t do when it comes to pursuing women and put on a new fresh attitude that says you can meet and attract any woman you desire. Don’t be so hard on yourself when things don’t go your way.

5. Don’t compare yourself to other guys who are always picking up women. Don’t say to yourself, “I wish I had what it takes to succeed with women or I wish I had the balls like he does when approaching women.

6. It is very important that you like yourself. Trust me, if you can’t get along with yourself, then it’s going to interfere with you getting along with women.

7. Quit seeing yourself as nervous, when approaching women. Develop that “can do attitude” and approach women with confidence.

In closing, I hope these tips and motivational thoughts help you out.

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