Are You Comfortable In Your Own Skin So You Can Communicate With Women

Are You Comfortable In Your Own Skin So You Can Communicate With Women

The issue isn’t what to say, the real issue is are you truly comfortable in your own skin so that you can communicate comfortably and retain your masculine core around a woman of that level.

It doesn’t matter what you say and if you’re thinking of that, you’re not there yet. Keep working on your natural game or you’re going to be forced to solitude or endless ‘approaching’ that goes nowhere except for fool’s mate.

With what I teach I feel you don’t need any crutches  as far as lines because you should focus much more on  your natural game.

Can you memorize this – ‘hi’? Can you speak to your friends or colleagues? There you go. It really is that simple if you break it down; you just have to be her equal in power and accept/represent it around

I don’t use pick-up lines or canned material on login, like – ever.

I have very normal conversations quite often and throughout it I’ll amp up the charm and playfulness a little bit, sometimes teasing her.

But this is regular conversation; the problem gets in the  way because you think she is so’re conditioned  to want the social prize which you think is sexuality.

Yet women are looking for real men who can just COMMUNICATE with them and BE themselves.

I’ll often approach with something situationally relevant like ‘are you trying to call me on your cel phone?’ or  ‘does that dog have his own apartment’? (just being  myself) but usually I’ll just start a normal conversation like,

“hey, how’s it going?”
“where are you from?”

I’ve done that countless times.

The one thing I do much of the time is ask a woman what  nationality she is (or just guess). This has opened  so many doors for me immediately because I actually  AM interested. It’s a high level of synergy immediately.

Often I’ll follow it up with a phrase in her native language or start talking about that country and my travels. Knowing capital and major cities really helps.

It rarely fails for me. Learn some geography; and if you thought geography was boring, you’re REALLY missing the point (that is, unless you favor women from your rural area code only).

I’ve been with women from dozens of countries and they fascinate me (and vice versa).

So, yes you’ll obviously have to talk to women but when you simultaneously work on your natural game, you’ll find that not only do your conversations actually lead somewhere (real numbers and follow-up dates), but women will be giving you nonverbal signs of interest  a lot more.

It’s really about the basics. Being respectful enough of yourself (at behavioral levels which we work on) so that you really ‘ARE’ her true equal. Then (and  even on the journey there), it’s just about making
new connections with women and the game becomes entirely different than before.

Move towards the pleasure and away from the stagnancy  of nothingness. Be the man that moves among the world  of women with ease because when you’re their true equal  behaviorally as our training can get you, there really is nothing to fear.

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