How To Captivate Women With Conversation

How To Captivate Women With Conversation

Ok, so you want to be able to chat to women and make them fall in love with you using nothing but words alone… but what does this involve?

The information I’m about to provide you here are real gems, and it came to me after YEARS of approaching and conversing with women… so listen up close.

At the end of the day, captivating women with conversation primarily involves you getting ONE result from a girl… and that is laughter. That’s right, laughter… captivating conversations really involves a lot of JOKING AROUND.

It’s true when they say “girls just wanna have fun”… and by providing them with laughter and emotional stimulation you place yourself in the “LOVER” role instead of the “PROVIDER” role… and the lover role provides the quickest route to sleeping with a girl and getting her into a relationship.

Does this mean that you have to turn into Jim Carrey and dance around like a monkey?… NO, far from it. You can still be as casual as James Bond, and still make women laugh… you choose how you want to be.

Anyway, back on topic.

Captivating conversations works on the following 3 pillars:

Become An Expert At Creative Associations

Ok, the first aspect of captivating women through conversation is this aspect of making “creative associations“. You need to understand that whenever you talk, what you’re doing is creating connections between subjects or objects. So if I told you to start talking about an “air balloon”, what would you say?

Well, if you think about it, what you’re doing when you “think” of things to say regarding an “air balloon”, what you’re doing is that you’re associating it with something else… like the color of an air balloon, the size,  how it’s used, the fact that Richard Brandson uses it, how it was used by explorers, etc.

Let me give you an idea of what I mean by a creative association. I was at the bookshop the other day and I started up a conversation with a girl who looked similar as the one I met on adultfrienedfinder and she is reading a book on biology.

She said she was studying engineering, so I said:

“Oh you’re bad, you’re cheating on engineering by studying biology”

She laughed and enjoyed it, and the conversation carried on from there.

Ok, so that was a quick example but what did I do there?

Other than the fact that I teased her (teasing should be a fourth pillar of captivating conversation, you can read about it in my other articles), in my head I made a creative association. She’s studying engineering but was looking into biology… in my mind, I connected that with a wife cheating on her husband… and presto! You have a great one liner.

You must remember that JOKING AROUND is the whole purpose of captivating conversations… and making creative associations allows you to joke around with ease.

Introduce The Illogical

The next concept I’m going to talk about is introducing the illogical. What do you think defines a normal or “boring” conversation?

Well, let me tell you, the following three words would describe an ordinary conversation: Predictable, Serious and LOGICAL!

That’s right, a normal conversation follows a predictable trend and talks about common and LOGICAL topics… in order to spice up a conversation, you must introduce illogical topics to make the conversation fun and exciting.

Back to the comedic one-liner that I’d created at the bookshop, where the girl said she was studying engineering, so I said:

“Oh you’re bad, you’re cheating on engineering by studying biology”

Now, if you think about it, she was taking about “her studying engineering” and I introduced the ILLOGICAL topic of “cheating”… and this is what makes it funny.

Exaggerate & Extend

In order to master captivating conversations, you must practise the above 2 points and become really good at creating funny one-liners, or one line of dialogue to get a girl to crack up laughing… like my bookstore example that I’ve given you.

The next step to the mastery of captivating conversation  is to EXTEND that one-liner and exaggerate on it. The bottom line is that you “carry on talking” and extent the joke. I’ll give you an example of what I mean:


CONRAD: “Oh you’re bad, you’re cheating on engineering by studying biology”

HER: “Haha, no I study both”

CONRAD: “No I’m serious, you’re in big trouble”

HER: “No way”

CONRAD: “Yup, there’s going to be a messy divorce”


As you can see, I started with the initial “one-liner” to start the joke and then extended the joke by talking futher and making more creative associations and introducing more illogical topics, such as the “divorce”. If the girl plays along with the joke, you could practically extend the joke forever.

At the end of the day, It’s all about PRACTISE. In order to get good at joking around and making women laugh for example with that thrusting vibrators joke, look to add at least ONE illogical connection with every conversation you make (whether with guys or girls). First get good at coming up with great “one-liners”, and then learn to extend & exaggerate.

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