Ashley Madison Review

Ashley Madison Review

Recently, we wrote a post about having an affair and doing so in a discrete manner. Due to the positive feedback, today we will review Ashley Madison which is one of the few major dating networks that specializes in people who are looking to have an affair.

* Update: After publishing this article a few days ago, we’ve received Ashley Madison reviews readers of this blog who are also members of Ashley Madison. If you’d like to read real testimonials, please click here!

* Update #2: Check out the following Ashley Madison experiment sent in from one of our readers.

Ashley Madison currently has close to 11 million users, including both singles and those who are married, and almost all of whom are looking to have an affair. Ashley Madison works as a credit based system as opposed to paying a monthly fees.

Some of the free features of Ashley Madison are as follows:

  • Browse profiles
  • Receive winks
  • Send and receive photos
  • Ability to reply to a full member
  • Ability to add a member to your favorites list

If you want to use all the features that Ashley Madison has to offer, then you can sign up for one of their three packages.

1) Introductory Package

This package might be the first one you are inclined to purchase as it’s the cheapest one available, however you need to remember that it costs credits to take full advantage of the features Ashley Madison has to offer. While you may be skeptical of the site, you would be much better off either getting the elite package or the affair guarantee package (this allows you to get your money back if you don’t have an affair). The reason why the introductory package is a bad idea is that you’ll most likely end up burning through your credits before making a successful connection. It takes patience and communication if you want to have success with having an affair.

2) Elite Package

This is the most popular package that Ashley Madison has to offer. For only an additional $100, you are getting 5 times the credits. With 500 credits, you have a very good chance of having an affair.

3) Affair Guarantee

With this package, not only do you get 1000 credits, but you also get 30 days of priority man status which will allow your profile to appear in the 3rd position of any search results done by those looking to have an affair. Not only that, but your profile will get highlighted within the search page which is sure to draw additional attention from thousands of women who are seeking to have an affair in your area. Another great thing that you get with the Affair Guarantee package is 24 hours of free chat on your first day of membership. Finally,the most important benefit that you receive when you sign up for the Affair Guarantee package from Ashley Madison is a fully backed guarantee that you will have an affair. If after three months, you still do not meet someone from their site, your money gets refunded! That’s a pretty sweet guarantee as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain as you are guaranteed an affair.

Breakdown Value of Credits

  • It costs 5 credits for the first message that you write. After, all messages to that member are completely free
  • AshleyGifts which are essentially virtual gifts cost either 20, 30 or 50 credits, depending on what you decide to send
  • Instant Messaging: 30 minutes costs 30 credits, 60 minutes costs 50 credits

The Pros:

Ashley Madison has close to a 2-1 ratio of males to females, however there are a fair amount of men who sign up without paying for the services (similar is with adultfrienedfinder app), who buy the introductory package (and therefore don’t have a lot of credits) or who don’t spend much time at all with their profile and adding photos. These men are almost always unsuccessful in finding a woman, which betters your chances of having a discrete affair. Profiles for women are free, so every woman who is on the site can reply back to you!

Ashley Madison also tries to ensure that your affair is completely private. As a member, you can turn off your profile at any time, you can appear offline, even if you are online, and you can hide your photos so that someone needs to make a request before they become available to that user. Additionally, they have a panic button feature so that if you are browsing Ashley Madison and your significant other walks in, just click the button and it takes you to a movie trailer website.

Finally, they have an affair guarantee package, as well as multiple articles on how to ensure you have the affair you are looking for.

The Cons:

Mischief and discretion come at a premium price if you’re looking to play on Ashley Madison. You have to pay if you want to fully utilize the site, and while they offer a three tier package, you can only count on the top two if you want to give yourself a chance of having an affair.

Bottom Line:

While this service may be more costly than signing up for a dating site, there really is no price tag that can be put on discretion. Ashley Madison goes out of it’s way to ensure that you have a discrete affair. It’s also a site dedicated to those looking to have an affair, so unlike other dating sites, you don’t have to worry about hiding the fact that you’re married.

Ashley Madison Testimonials

Testimonial #1

I was in my second year of a marriage that was already quickly deflating and one in which I was very bored to be in. My husband gained about 30 pounds in that time and no longer turned me on. I felt like I needed some excitement and quick. My husband often has to go away on business and is usually gone from our home at least 3 days a week. Before coming to this website, I had heard about Ashley Madison from a friend, and as I decided having an affair was the route I was going to go as opposed to filing for a divorce sincemy husband was at least providing a comfortable lifestyle in terms of financials, I decided to sign up.

Within a day of signing up, I was already getting several e-mails from men(the advantage of being a female  that I was interested in possibly meeting. I’ve already met one and have had a memorable/exciting experience and look forward to the possibility of meeting another.

– Brooke, from NY

Testimonial #2

Hey, saw your site and decided to give my two cents on AM. I joined the site about one month ago and decided to get the affair gaurantee package. So far I’ve had no success at having an affair through the AM website. I’ve been in contact with a couple of women who are members of AM and have come to the conclussion that the majority are curious about having an affair and even have fantasies about it however it seems that when push comes to shove they aren’t necessarily ready to make the jump. It seems that the women on there are really more trying to satisfy their curiosity as opposed to actually doing. Some of the women even complained that the guys who were e-mailing them were too aggressive and inappropriate with their remarks. Either way nothing has come to fruition for me at this point.

– Derrick

Testimonial #3

Been a follower of your site for some time and decided to post my own Ashley Madison review for you to publish if you want. I was in a sexless marriage and decided to sign up for the $149 package on Ashley Madison and have spent quite a few hours trying to find the right woman to hook up with. It took a lot of patience, time and energy but I was finally able to get one woman to meet me at Starbucks for some coffee. We hit it off and have since been meeting at least twice a month.

– Anonymous

Well 2 out of 3 people so far seem to be pleased with Ashley Madison. Like any other dating site, you need to put in the right amount of time if you’re hoping to succeed in finding someone.

If you have an Ashley Madison review that you’d like to share (positive or negative), then please use the contact page to send your honest review or feel free to leave a blog comment.

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