Dating Advice For Men

Dating Advice For Men

Get An Assessment From A Female Friend

The best way to improve upon your dating skills is to get some feedback from a female friend. Talk to her about your last date and your choice on clothes, venue, and conversation. Listen to her opinions; you don’t have to change your entire dating approach, but don’t be afraid of trying new things either.

Find Confidence From Within

Almost every single woman that we’ve met at adultfrienedfinder and ever approached spoke about how a lack of confidence is a deal-breaker when it comes to choosing a potential guy. If you don’t have any then it’s time to start finding some. Attract women with confidence so that you don’t have to rely on pick-up lines or making a cheesy move. When you know who you are and don’t need some shield to hide behind, that’s when you know you have the confidence you need to be successful at getting a date. It comes from the inner core and radiates outward.

Put Some Thought Into What You Want

Think about what it is that you like and who you are. By doing a quick self assessment, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re with a woman who properly compliments you. For example, if you’re a season holder for your favorite sports team and the woman you date completely hates sports and wants you home all the time, then perhaps she isn’t the right person for you. Too many times guys get caught up dating the wrong woman. It’s important to compromise and it’s okay to have differences, but it’s important to get the important issues out on the table after the first couple of dates and to stick to them.

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

While you most likely don’t need to be someone else to find a woman who will be attracted to you, it is important to present the best version of yourself, especially early on. First impressions count, so make sure you dress nicely, take care of your physical appearance, make sure to make good conversation, smile, laugh, and make sure to listen to her.

Do A Chemistry Check During The Night

If you aren’t sure how the date is going, then it’s time to do a chemistry check. While waiting for a table together, try leaning subtly into her and watch her body language. If she’s leaning away from you or stands back, then it means she isn’t feeling it. However, if she leans into you or at least lets you move into her body space without moving back, you can take it as a good sign that the date is going well. Check out some of these other body language cues to help you with your date.

End A Bad Date Gracefully

Don’t say “I’ll Call You” if you have no intentions of doing so. It’s a cheap lie and if she actually believes you, she’ll feel worse about herself when you don’t call. Even if you do have plans of calling her, there’s really no need to tell her. Just tell her that you’ve had a great time. It’ll make you stand out from the other guys.

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