Dating Romance Advice – Romance Destroyer No. 1) Self Limiting Beliefs

Dating Romance Advice – Romance Destroyer No. 1) Self Limiting Beliefs

Dating Romance advice that will help you keep your romance relationship alive.

Read It, Learn It, Use It.

Here we examine the first of 10 major factors that affect a healthy relationship.

1) Romance Destroyer: Self Limiting Beliefs

(Dating Romance tip: If you haven’t already done so, read Jenny’s Story first before reading any further! Don’t worry, there is a link at the bottom of the page that brings you straight back here.)

What is a self limiting belief?

A self limiting belief is any belief that confines anything outside of it to being impossible or unattainable.

Jenny’s story says it all.

Self limiting beliefs give rise to self doubt and insecurities. In a relationship, these lead to paranoia and jealousy. Yuck! Keep them out!! They are sure to destroy any dating romance there is.

Self limiting beliefs to watch out for and powerhouse thoughts to transform them into:

SELF LIMITING BELIEF : “It can never happen to me!”

Dating Romance Tip: TRANSFORM ABOVE BELIEF INTO: “I’m blessed by good things in life”

SELF LIMITING BELIEF: “It’s too good to be true!”

Dating Romance Tip: TRANSFORM ABOVE BELIEF INTO: “Good things happen to me because I deserve them”

SELF LIMITING BELIEF: “I can’t be this lucky!”

Dating Romance Tip: TRANSFORM ABOVE BELIEF INTO:“I create my own luck and I’m the luckiest person I know”

SELF LIMITING BELIEF: “I can’t compete with girls younger/more beautiful etc.”

Dating Romance Tip: TRANSFORM ABOVE BELIEF INTO: “I am a unique and wonderful person and people love me for being myself”

I heard a saying once – “You become what you think about most of the time.”

Think about it. YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MOST OF THE TIME. So why spend your time thinking negative thoughts?

Negative thoughts breed self doubt and insecurity.

Is that what you want for yourself? Surely not!

Then make a commitment to yourself to throw negative thoughts firmly where they belong.

In your mental trash can.

Then empty it.


When you GET IN THE HABIT of telling yourself good things, then amazing transformations happen around you and in your life.

I promise you, if you try this, you will notice a dramatic change in your life.


Because you are changing the way your brain works.

You are opening new pathways in your mind that will lead you to success in your life and in maintaining your dating romance.

Try it.

SUPER DATING ROMANCE TIP: Spend a few minutes writing down 4 or 5 wonderful self affirmations or use the ones above. MEMORISE THEM WORD FOR WORD.

Then repeat them to yourself at least 10 times in the morning when you are brushing your teeth, or getting ready, ideally in front of the mirror. Do the same thing every night before you go to bed.

Now here’s the key.



Because it takes at least a month to make or break a habit.

When you MAKE A HABIT of telling yourself that you believe good things happen to you, somehow, as if by magic, you discover that they DO! And here’s the best bit…


When you MAKE A HABIT of telling yourself you are the luckiest person you know…


Get the picture?

Keep your dating romance intact by following this dating romance advice, and not letting self limiting beliefs destroy that it!

Oh, and if you ever find yourself asking “Is he for real?”

STOP jinxing yourself and just enjoy the experience!

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