Become an Alpha Male

Become an Alpha Male

No matter what the circumstance or time period you’re looking at, if you are examining something with more than two males a pattern becomes very clear.  One is always the alpha male and the other is always the beta male.   Even in nature outside of our human species, we see alpha males in the form of alpha gorillas leading their families, alpha lions leading their herd, alpha wolves leading their pack, etc.  In nature the alpha males get to make all of the decisions, have the best possible options available to them, and more importantly – gets their choice of mate.  It’s the way of life and it’s embedded in our DNA that this is how it goes no matter how hard we try to fight against it. 

Unfortunately, we’re not all born alpha males that can seduce women on adultfrienedfinder any time we want.  This doesn’t mean you can’t become an alpha male however.  I have some great news.  You CAN become an alpha male even if you have lived as a beta male your entire life.  I am going to give you my best tips for transforming yourself from a beta male into an alpha male that demands success from life, and attraction.

Alpha Male Body Language-

There are common factors of body language that all alpha males use.  There are also common factors of body language that all beta males use.  When you see an alpha male, the idea is that even without talking to you him can tell EXACTLY what kind of a man he is by just looking at him.  Watch Alpha males out in public and watch how they act.  They are coordinated, slow, and planned.  They don’t rush and they don’t fidget.  Frankly, it’s impossible to pick up or attract women if you don’t look like you can control yourself. he body language of an alpha male should reflect his status as successful.  When you walk, don’t slouch.  Keep your back erect, chest out, head straight, and keep your hands to your sides (never play with your hands or keep them in your pockets).  Walk slow, control your pace and don’t jerk your body around.  When you sit, lean back and take up as much room as possible (kick your legs out, etc.) and just relax.   

Alpha Male Eye Contact-

Make eye contact.  A part of the archetype of being a beta male is that they ALWAYS avoid eye contact.  It terrifies them and makes them shy away.  When you are becoming an alpha male, it’s important to always maintain eye contact.  Never be the first to break away eye contact.  Now, I’m not saying stare the woman you are going to approach into submission before you walk up to her.  Just don’t be afraid to look into their eyes and smile, and never look down or away before they do.   This displays an insane amount of confidence.  

Alpha Male Tone of Voice-

Beta males talk too much, point blank.  Alpha males rarely speak, so that when they do what they say is that much more important.  I’m not saying turn into a brick wall during a conversation.  What I mean is don’t go on and on about things like gossip or things that don’t matter.  Make sure that everything you say absolutely counts. As well, beta males have a bad habit of getting too excited, which will make them talk faster or talk with a higher pitched voice, and this shows that you aren’t in control.  An alpha male is going to remain cool and in control the entire conversation.

Alpha Male Personality-

Last but not least is the alpha male personality.  The rest of the tips I gave you were ways that you can emulate alpha male behavior, but this one demands that you actually adopt the behavior.  Alpha males have very distinct personalities.  They seem to be naturally charming, and they are amazing to be around.  They aren’t afraid of hurting someones feelings or doing something wrong, they just do whatever they want.  An alpha male is insanely confident and essentially knows that he can get and seduce any woman that he wants.  His health is great and he doesn’t need rumoquin pills for pain.

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