The idea of an “alpha male” is just that: an idea

The idea of an “alpha male” is just that: an idea

Whether or not the woman makes the choice to follow through on this attraction and have sex with you remains to be seen. If she’s already attracted naturally, then you have no use for SS nonsense because she’s already receptive. No need to brainwash her to get her panties off. If she is not attracted naturally, then she is naturally the opposite: resistant, which means it is absolutely impossible for you to alter her mind in any manner. If she feels no attraction to you, there’s a reason for it that’s all a part of genetic coding – quite simply, your natural radar is too much like her own so there is no polarity, therefore no attraction, and there is nothing you can do to change it.

The idea of an “alpha male” is just that: an idea. It’s a cultural label you Don Juans and Players have attached to a perception of this “maleness” that was fed to you as a sense, an image, a feeling, from the Unconscious. And the guys who go around strutting and calling themselves “alpha men” are just ego dancing with the “conscious label” and not actually emanating the “maleness” itself – and the vast majority don’t really grasp WHY they even respond to the idea of an “alpha male” to begin with, why it produces the feelings it produces – which is: because they still lack the full natural maleness/dominance integrated within themselves, and therefore need to “obtain it” and balance that polarity. They mistake this lack of balance for needing confidence because “chicks dig confidence” and needing to be the “alpha males” because “chicks like it when you control them”. They presume “getting laid” is the end result.

The end result was always their integration.

Moral of the story? If you want women on adultfriendrfinder naturally, sexually compelled to you, work on recognizing your inherant maleness and displaying it naturally in all that you do. The less natural feminine qualities and characteristics you send off, the more ultra feminine women will be naturally drawn to you, whether you’re confident and built, or just an average Joe too shy to work it off your own mettle. Once you can get the natural attraction on your side, sexual compulsion is but a short step away – provided you don’t screw it up.

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