Belief That Another Man Is More Dominant Than You

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Belief That Another Man Is More Dominant Than You

In this article what I want to talk about is the idea that another man can be more “dominant” than you.

The concept of the alpha male is completely outdated. In the caveman days, the alpha male had real power – he had access to resources like food, and was physically stronger, so he could beat up competitors.

But ask yourself if those powers are relevant today. Every man with a source of income can survive on his own – if you’re reading this, you probably have access to food and shelter. You’re all set.

Plus, it’s illegal to just beat people up. My point is, physical strength is pretty much irrelevant in the modern world.

You’ll always end up losing if you attack another person because the police always win.

If you think about it, you are LETTING RANDOM GUYS STOP YOU FOR NO REASON!

Pardon my French, but who the f*ck is HE to say who YOU talk to???

It makes me mad- I recall all the women I missed out on because I was worried about some DUDE. And I get mad knowing that other guys are dealing with same crap!

When you’re on your deathbed, you are going to look back on all the things you did and didn’t do.

How painful would it be to say “I didn’t meet that adultfrienedfinder girl because I was scared of another guy,” or “there were so many beautiful women I could’ve enjoyed, but I didn’t even try because I saw them TALKING to another guy.”

I don’t want that to be you.

So let’s look at this on a deeper level. Seeing another guy as more dominant means you don’t truly understand dominance.

You see, if you’re concerned with who is more dominant you instantly make yourself NOT dominant. There’s a better focus.

Dominant men don’t think about who is dominant. To be dominant, you must first THINK like a dominant man.

So what do dominant men think about?

Whatever it is they are doing or want.

So you see another guy talking to a group of girls. Instead of worrying about whether or not he’s more dominant than you, focus on the girls.

I rarely even acknowledge other guys, because too often it’s proven to be a waste of time. 9 times out of 10 the girls don’t even know the guy – they just met him.

Or if they do, he’s a friend of ONE of the girls, and the rest barely know him.

It’s rare for girls to go out with a guy they are dating – usually they will bring a guy who is more of a protector/friend because a guy like that is more valuable when they go out on the town.

Besides, if he IS with one of the girls, that means he’s NOT with the other girls – they are fair game.

When you are concerned with who’s the alpha male, you are by definition NOT the alpha male. In fact, it’s questionable whether alpha males truly exist in the modern world.

Don’t assume anything, get your focus in a USEFUL place, and don’t let some random dude prevent you from enjoying YOUR LIFE!

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