Body Language – Signs He’s Into You

Body Language – Signs He’s Into You

In our previous post, we discussed how to get a guy that you like to ask you out on a date… but perhaps you want to know the guy’s level of interest in you before you pursue him, in which case it’s important to understand how to read both his body language and actions to determine whether he’s into you or not.

1. He moves in closer

Closing the distance is a clear indicator of a desire to have more intimate contact. If the guy you like and who you want to ask you out on a date moves in closer, inch by inch as you talk or sits beside you in a booth at a bar then this means he wants to get more intimate with you and is looking to be more than just friends!

2. Posture

At a distance, if a guy frames himself and stands erect, you should take this as a sign that he’s trying to attract you. However, as the distance closes and you two are in close proximity, watch to see if he softens his posture (ie, if his squared frame sort of caves in) when he’s talking to you. This inidicate that he feels comfortable being around you and is yet another sign he’s into you via body language.

3. He talks slowly and softly

When a man is attracted to a person of the opposite sex he will typically talk more slowly and softly. This is his way of letting you know that what he has to say is for your ears only. He will also do this as to appear confident in himself, hoping that you find this quality attractive in him.

4. Pay attention to his eyes

Eye contact is one of the primal ways we use to express our feelings such as desire, love, and joy. If the guy makes eye to eye contact with you (in an uncreepy way) using a lingering gaze, then it means that the guy you met with Adultfrienedfinder APP is into you. Make sure to return his eye contact so that he knows his attentions are wanted.

Also check to see if his pupils dilate as their size react to two things: light and attraction which is due to a biological reaction beyond our control. If you notice his pupils dilating or that he’s blinking more than normal, it’s a clear body language sign he’s into you. The reason for this is because adrenaline is being released which is the same physiological process that makes our hears pump faster and makes us feel weak in the knees!

5. Raised Eyebrows/Flashes a Smile

One of the universal signs of interest in the raised eyebrow which signals attraction. This sign exists is all cultures and some experts believe it is the single most recognized non-verbal sign used by people to greet each other. If we are attracted to someone, we’ll let our eyebrows fall and rise subconsciously. This sign can be hard to catch though as the entire process lasts less than a second.

Also, if he’s the type of guy that normally doesn’t smile but lights up when he sees you then you should take this as a positive sign.. but beware if he’s the type that smiles a lot, as his smile then might be his way of greeting you.

6. Preening

If he smooths his lapel jacket, adjusts his tie, tugs on his socks, or does any other preening gesture, then it means he wants to look good for you and the only reason he’d want to do that is if he’s into you.

7. Gifts/Compliments

Sure a guy might lavish you with gifts or shower you with compliments and only think of you as a friend. However, when you combine it with the some of the other signals listed above, this can be taken as a sign he likes you. The more meaningful the gifts and the more sincere the compliments, the greater the indication of just how much you mean to him.

Great video that goes more in depth on the topic discussed including other signs he’s into you body language…

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