Bookstore Game

Bookstore Game

Strange, really.  When you think about it.  How we can come so far and then.  Stop.  After progressive frustration from years of less than success with women, it’s very common to see budding PUAs progress tenfold in a short space of time.  All that pain and heartache (ball-ache), that tormented you night after night makes way for the newfound bliss of being able to get the chicks you want.  Unfortunately this surge in achievement often plateaus into relative mediocrity, when there is so much more potential that they could utilise.  You can number close with regularity at your local bar\club and occasionally those number lead to a kiss or a f-close so you become content.  You stop sarging, stop reading new articles and just cruise.

THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL … we’ve only just begun!  One of the many areas of pickup that people neglect besides adultfrinendfinder is day game.  Sure a club is a cool place to find HBs but why limit yourself?  You may be resembling a Dracula’s cousin because you only wake in the late hours, but I guarantee you wont perish if you venture out in the sunlight.  So do it, get out there.

Now that you’re ready to begin your adventure into the wonderful world of day game, where to begin?  Bookstores!  Bookstores! Bookstores!

Bookstores are the sandbox for budding masters of day game.  Think about it, so many of the sticking points that have previously got in your way don’t apply in this environment.  Unlike in a club situation where your 8s, 9s and 10s are guaranteed to be in some sort of group, it’s not uncommon to find an HB on her own in a bookstore browsing the shelves.  No obstacles!!

What about the old ‘I don’t know what I’d talk about’ sticking point.  Well even people who ‘don’t read much’ will be able to find a section of the store that applies to their interests – cooking, sport, film , German dwarf pornstars …. You get the picture.  If you like it there are books about it!  As a perfect example, I was once in a large bookstore near where I live and saw an attractive brunette looking at a copy of Neill Strauss’ ‘The Game’.  I hit her with an opinion opener, asking whether she thought ‘that stuff’ works.  We joked around about how lame it sounded … then I n-closed her.

The key is that if you can genuinely relate to the material in the section that you interact with the HB then you’ve already got the foundations for that all important rapport that will help elicit strong levels of attraction on her part.  In fact, although each chick is an individual, it’s funny how certain types always congregate in certain sections ready to be bagged by a sly PUA.  That’s right, bookstores are like superstores for connoisseurs of pickup.  Fancy a trendy\artsy chick? they’re found between Drama and Modern Art, more in the mood for the broody, Goth type?  Just head on over to Edgar Allen Po!

Bookstores are opener friendly as well.  Some keep it simple with a  ‘Do you think this book is good?’, but I’d personally steer clear of this.  The HB will either have no knowledge\opinion of the book in question or it’ll be such a common book that it can DLV.  Far better is a variation on this form of opinion opener “It’s my friend’s\sister’s etc. birthday what book would you recommend for a gift?”.  Even better, and a personal favourite of mine, is “I’m trying to get a present for a friend, do you think this is too effeminate?” You can play with the responses to this in all manner of ways, saying how you have a butch female friend and you don’t know how she’ll respond do you getting her a prissy present etc.

The point is that bookstores are a great place to open up interactions, once it’s up and running it’s a normal set.  A lot of bookshops now have coffee places inside them which are great for bouncing to and advancing the interaction further.  Happy hunting bookworms!

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