How To Get More Phone Numbers & Dates

How To Get More Phone Numbers & Dates

So you’re tired of being alone and tired of being rejected? Tired of asking women for their phone numbers and being given “1-800-Get-Lost”?

If you truly want to get more phone numbers and more dates, then you have to make a change in how you approach the whole dating thing. It’s not that you’ve been a failure; it’s just that your past techniques haven’t worked very well for you.

In fact, I want you to banish the word “failure” from your vocabulary. It’s more that you haven’t known the best approach for successfully getting a woman’s phone number … until now.

I am going to show you the best and most successful methods for getting phone numbers from women in a way that will flatter and charm them like never before. Here are my top five tips.

  1. Be non-threatening.

The first and foremost thing I want you to remember is that you want to come across as non-threatening and casual.

You need to take your time to demonstrate that you are truly interested in the young lady that you have just met, and make sure that she is interested in you before you ask her out again or ask for her phone number.

This isn’t as hard as you might think. If she’s been giving you subtle hints that she isn’t interested, then you can save yourself and her a lot of embarrassment by not asking for her phone number. In addition, you don’t want to come across as a desperate stalker. Women are scared of desperate men on adultfrienedfinder, and nothing spells desperation faster than a man who aggressively asks for a number or a date.

If she’s not open to sharing her number, consider agreeing to meet at the same place again at a designated time. This meeting will give you a chance to see each other again, but in a non-threatening way. This way you have indicated your interest without coming across as pushy, and you have left the chance of a meeting in her hands.

By the way, if you think that giving a woman your phone number is sure to keep you in contact, you’re wrong. Women have been trained to wait for men to call them, not the other way around. If you give her your number, she’ll think that you’re not keen, and there’s no way she’ll make the first move. Either get her number or maximize your chances of bumping into her again by asking if she’s going to be here again next weekend, or something to that effect.

  1. Have real conversation.

The second point I want you to consider is that having a real conversation about something she is interested in will build her interest in you. I mean, consider this. Why would she want to give you her number if she has no reason to even want to talk to you?

Make conversation according to where you’ve met her, such as the club, a bar, a bookstore, or a restaurant. Tailor your conversation to fit the surroundings. For example, if you met her at the bookstore, you might want to talk about a good book you have read recently. If you are at a club, you might talk about your favorite clubs or favorite music.

If this is a person you would like to talk to and get to know better, you need treat the situation accordingly. Be open and honest with her about some quality that you admire and steer clear of goofy pickup lines. Pickup lines hardly EVER work. In fact, they often provide a woman with a convenient excuse to reject you.

  1. Ask for her email.

Yes, I’m totally and completely serious about this one. It works for two reasons.

For one, it’s non-threatening, which, as we mentioned before, is important. If a girl gets your email and decides later that she doesn’t really want to talk to you, she can just ignore any incoming messages. This gives her a sense of security, so she’ll be more willing to give it to you.

The other reason why this method works is because it will often lead to you getting her phone number as well. Here’s how it works:

You ask for her email and she says yes. Then, as she is writing down her email address, you say, “By the way, can you jot your number down, too?” Most times she will write her number on the paper, too. It’s psychological: she has already said yes to writing down her email, so it just seems logical to add the phone number.

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