Day Game VS Night Game

Day Game VS Night Game

Pick-up is nowadays starting to be categorized in two groups. There is day game and night game, its two different types of pick-up. The type of women that you are likely to meet is going to be different in each of the situations. There is certainly a difference in the mind-set of the women on each of the situations. Before you go sarging, you need to be subconsciously aware of the mind-set of your target HB.

In the Day Game Pick-up the women are not expecting to be picked up, they are not anticipating guys coming over to them to talk and get their number. As much as any women want to meet their knights in shinning armour every morning or online at adultfrinendfinder, they do not expect to meet him when they are out and about in the streets, coffee shops or bookstores. You are more likely to find the girl with her original personality and you can connect with her deeper, you are likely to get a good interaction out of the day game.

Night game on the other hand is quite the opposite. Women go out looking to have fun with their friends and obviously with the expectation to get picked up. The pick-up in this situation will be a lot faster than the day game. That’s because women are likely to be more relaxed during the day, unless they are on their way to somewhere and are on a hurry. In the night game, they women are anticipating to be chatted up by men and ready with responses to the usual chat up lines and approaches.

They go to clubs and bars to have fun, and as they are subconsciously aware of possibilities guys coming over to talk to them, you will need to have a powerful game to seduce them. Another thing you should keep in mind is that even though you will find women at their sexual peak during the night game, they are sexily dressed and made-up, really hot women don’t go to average nightclubs.

It will be very rare for you find one who very stunning but at a cheap nightclubs, their own standard will be higher. But you are guaranteed to find them in the streets, there are unlikely to be any barriers such as higher standards, if you can play a strong game. The day game is a situation where you will find that girlfriend if that’s what you are looking for, while in the night game it is unlikely that you will find true love. It depends on what your goals is as a PUA, do you want to find a girlfriend for a long-term relationship or do you want to be the ultimate player and seducer of many women.

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