The Natural Art of Seduction

The Natural Art of Seduction

“The Natural Art of Seduction” by Richard La Ruina aka Gambler revitalises the theory of pickup by advancing on the traditional schools of thought

The pickup community is beset with techniques, routines and analyses claiming to unlock the door to success with women. In fact the field has become so saturated with literature that it’s almost impossible to find anything new which really makes you stand up listen … almost.

Richard La Ruina aka ‘Gambler’ in his book entitled “The Natural Art of Seduction” has created a system which takes the best from traditional PUA technique and advances it to create a more natural form of game. By providing a fluid and organic system, he moves away from the canned openers and routines that have become so prevalent amongst the pick up community at adultfrinendfinder, leaving you with a natural approach, easily utilised to attract the opposite sex.

‘Natural’ is a word often used among pick up artists. A natural is a guy who was blessed from birth. They’re ‘funny’. They’re ‘charasmatic’. They’re …. ‘good-looking’! In fact, for a long time since its inception it has seemingly been the aim, the ambition, nay … THE MANTRA of the pickup community to close the gap by fooling women-folk into believing that we too are naturals.

Yea, but if it gets you laid then who cares right? Well that’s true, in fact, like Gambler himself, it’s how most people within the community begin but, as La Ruina shows, using material that is unnatural to you not only gets boring after a while but it actually begins to work against you. Think about when you talk to a girl who seems fake and superficial, it’s not that difficult to tell when someone is betraying themselves with what they’re saying or doing. Furthermore, what happens after you open the girl, talk to the girl, get her number, kiss the girl, shag the girl …….. nothing. At least nothing happens if everything you’ve said and done has been disenfranchised from your own personality.

In both his style of writing and his method of approach Richard La Ruina has created a system which is simple and easy but can equally be applied to all manner of complex situations. He takes the fundemental outline from traditional pick up schools such as Mystery’s (real life name Erik Von Markovich) M3 model and deconstructs it into a more organic process that is situation specific. This includes emphasising strong, yet simple tools of seduction such as eye contact and creating\maintaing sexual tension, as well as a strong basis to advance the interaction through understanding the three different ‘characters of seduction’ that will tick a womens box (how’s that for innuendo!).

What’s more it really is of value to anyone despite their level of ability with women. If you’re a newbie who wets the bed at the mere thought of a ladies bosom, then you’ll benefit from the use of diagrams, pictures, a simple layout and step-by-step approach, allowing you to overcome the initial anxiety that leaves many of us going home at night with nothing but our mates and an empty kebab paper. If you’ve got more experience then “The Natural Art of Seduction” will show you how to progress in a spontaneous and natural fashion developing your ability to seduce women in a very healthy and individual way.

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