Creative Foreplay Ideas – 9 Amazing Foreplay Games

Creative Foreplay Ideas – 9 Amazing Foreplay Games

9 Amazing Foreplay Games

Creative foreplay ideas don’t just fall from the sky, sometimes we get so used to the routine of our sex life and forget that our sex life are like a fire, and if you wont put in fuel it will die. Foreplay games are one of the best fuels that you can use.

Foreplay games are a great way to pass romantic vacations, they make you laugh a lot and hornier than usual. So i decided to list some creative foreplay ideas that came to my head, its more like the best foreplay games i ever came by. But feel free to add your favorite in the comments below.

1. Rolling Story

The goal of this game is to write a sex story in which each participator contributes his own sentence in his turn. You should write the story through the game and read it out loud in the end of it.

2. Commercials Break

Both partners are watching TV together and whenever a commercials break starts they jump on one another passionately and making out with great lust. But They have to stop the moment the commercials stop and thus building a huge desire.

3. Erotic Sculpture

Each participator in this fun foreplay game writes the exact positions he wants to see the other one in. You write each position on a piece of paper. You put all those pieces of paper in a hat and mix them together. Each one is his own turn picks a piece of paper – reads it out loud and the other must stand in that position for one whole minute without moving. In that minute you can touch the girl you met with the help of adultfrienedfinder app ios, look at her from different angels or take off the clothes if they are still on.

4. Treasure Hunt

The sexual version of the good old treasure hunt game. Plan from advance the path your want to take your partner through and the place where you want to meet together in the end and have sex. Hide the sexual Hints in different places and make sure every hint is understandable and leads to the next one. In order to make sure your partner will find the next clue – put more BIG Hints around every place you put a sexual hint note. Wait for your partner in the end of the path – clothed with some very sexual and surprising clothes.

5. Hot Chat

Each partner chooses a different computer in a different room in the house.
Meet in an appropriate chat room on the web (better to have more people around) and start having an erotic chat with each other. Check out other peoples comments.

6. Erotic SMS

During one whole day start sending each other erotic massages through your cell phone. For example:

Male – I m in a meeting and you sit next to me, I caress your thighs gently and finds out that you don’t have any underwear on. You are SO WET!

Female – I m eating lunch and you are my waiter. I give you a sign with my eyes and meeting you in the back room for a quicky.
This game will make sure that when you’ll meet you’ll have a hot night.

7. Role Playing

The idea behind role playing is always to take another figure and play it with costumes and all. You can always rent different costumes and have a big costumes party all year long. Here are a few figures you can play:

  1. a. Knight and princess
  2. b. Nurse and Patient
  3. c. Doctor and Patient
  4. d. Officer and soldier
  5. e. Prostitute and customer
  6. f. Bimbo and Pimp
  7. g. The President and his secretary
  8. h. Boss and his secretary
  9. i. Taxi driver and passenger
  10. j. Lifeguard and drowner
  11. k. Beginning actor that needs to convince the film director to give her a part
  12. l. Mechanic and a woman that needs fixing
  13. m. The first time of a boy and a girl

And a billion more.
Just make sure to build a short story that you’ll both follow. Get into your role and go with it without stopping every second. Use appropriate devices, place and light.

8. Strangers for a Day

This is a foreplay game that will give you a good perspective about yourself. The idea behind it is that you are meeting each other for the first time all over again.
You should meet in a place you both decided on, but from the moment you get there you should act as complete strangers.
Your goal is to have sex with one another but not to do or say anything you wouldn’t do in a first date.

Got more foreplay ideas? Know more foreplay games? add them now to this list.

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