How The Presidential Race Can Get You A Girl

How The Presidential Race Can Get You A Girl

Right now, we are a little bit over a month out for the U.S. Presidential Election.

It seems like ever where you go, you see or hear something about John McCain or Barack Obama.

There are a lot of issues these two discuss – the economy, national security, and foreign policy…

But did you know that these two candidates are also giving you golden opportunities to meet some great women?

During election season, there are tons of political events and groups popping up all over the country.

There are rallies, parties, volunteer organizations, and all types of things going on.

Usually, at these events, you can find a number of like-minded women to meet and hang out with.

After all – you already have something in common: Your preference for the President!

No matter who you’re voting for, you need to take advantage of these opportunities now, because come November 4th, they’ll be winding down.

Just check your local newspaper for events that are occurring near you, and go check them out.

Why Rapport Building Sometimes Does Not Work

A lot of times, my readers email me and ask, “Marius, I have been trying to build rapport with the women I meet but it is not working for me at login.

I get them to talk about themselves, but they get bored.

What am I doing wrong?”

The answer is quite simple. You have not been building enough attraction through flirting, teasing, and being a challenge.

Visualize yourself talking to a fat and ugly chick who reeks.

This chick is the most HORRIFYING person you’ve ever met.

Do you think you would like to share your childhood stories with her?

Now imagine yourself as a hot female model with long legs, a gorgeous set of tits and a very pretty face.

In front of you stands a computer geek who looks like he hasn’t seen the sun in years.

He keeps asking about your childhood. Creepy, eh.

Here’s an important rule: You MUST spark at least a tiny bit of attraction BEFORE you can go into heavy rapport building.

A woman’s subconscious mind MUST feel the POSSIBILITY of being attracted to you BEFORE she will allow her mind to be opened up to you.

As I state in my Smart Dating Course, “Attraction”, “Intimacy”, and “Commitment”.

If you try to attract a person without building rapport and intimacy, the relationship will lead no where.

And if you just build rapport and intimacy without sparking the attraction in the first place, then the woman will get tired of you or end up as your “best friend”

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