Dating Advice: How To End A Bad Date Gracefully

Dating Advice: How To End A Bad Date Gracefully

You’re absolutely thrilled that the person you fancy has just asked you out and then you turn up to the date with butterflies in your stomach because you’re so excited and then you leave with a churning feeling because the date wasn’t what you hoped for at all… We’ve all had a bad date before and let’s face it, they aren’t pretty. Today, I hope to help you end a bad date in a proper manner.

If you know you definitely don’t want to see them again and want to make a swift exit, then do what your mother told you, and be honest. While this may seem harsh, honesty truly is the best policy in this situation. Don’t be rude or insulting. There’s no need to critizise their dress sense or tell them they have a bad sense of humor, even if those are the reasons that you don’t like them. Just tell them that you’ve had a great night but that you don’t think the two of you are compatible. Sure their ego might be bruised, but in the end they will appreciate your honesty as no one likes to be strung along.

Your date may be the most boring person in the world and you may rather watch paint dry then sit opposite them as they drone on, but trying to escape through the bathroom window or telling your date that you have to take a call, only to run out is not the way to go. It’s much better to end the date amicably then simply to disappear. You wouldn’t want to be left with a bill, so make sure not to do it to your date.

Never allow someone to think there’s more then to the date then there actually is. Although it may be tempting and you may think it’s the nice, honorable thing to do, don’t try to spare your dates feelings by pretending you like them more than you actually do. Don’t say you’ll call/text them if you have no intentions of doing so and don’t say you want to be friends if you really don’t mean it.

However, make sure not to pull the plug on your date too prematurely. If you don’t things are going too well, sit back and evaluate the situation. Are things not going well simply because you two aren’t compatible and have nothing in common or could it be something as simple as the fact that your date is just nervous. Your date may be a complete disaster just because they have the jitters. If you think this is the reason why, then you may want to consider going out on a second date to see if things improve.

Remember, give the person enough respect to end the date tactfully… while it may sting if they’re really into you, it’s much better to know sooner, rather than later but make sure that you end the date for the right reason, otherwise you may miss out on a real gem.

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