Is Your Boyfriend A Loser?

Is Your Boyfriend A Loser?

Most relationships begin lovingly, full of sweetness and politeness so it can be difficult to determine the type of person you are in a relationship with during the honeymoon phase. If you’re in a relationship with the wrong person it can lead to years of heartache, emotional/social damage, and possibly physical harm. However, it can be hard to determine whether the person you you met at Adultfrienedfinder is actually Mr. Right or just a plain loser when just starting out. That’s why we compiled this list of telltale signs you’re dating a loser.

Physically Violent

This goes without saying that if a guy shoves, kicks, hits or hurts you in any way that you need to get rid of him right away. You should never put up with a situation where you are being violently harmed or assaulted. Even if he seems like Mr. Dreamy when he’s calm or apologizes for his bad behavior, there’s just no good excuse. If he can’t keep his temper in check, get as far away as possible.

Killing Your Self-Confidence

Mr. Right will never try to crush your confidence or dreams but The Loser surely will. They constantly correct any slight mistakes putting you “on guard” and feeling unintelligent and even possibly that you’re doing something wrong. This type of guy will constantly try putting you down until you feel that you are worthless and that no one else will want you. You need to let go of this guy and begin a new relationship!


 Is he always checking up on you or asking you where you’ve been? Does he constantly check your cell phone to look at the call history or text messages? Is he checking your emails? Does he grill you if you start talking to another guy? Perhaps the guy you’re with starts to tell you what you’re allowed to wear, who you can be friends with, and where you’re allowed to go. Whatever the case is, these types of guys are attempting to control your life and are definitely losers that you need to dump.

Your Friends And Family Dislike Him

When those close to you don’t like the guy you’re dating, the writing is on the wall. Your close friends and family are able to see the warning signs that you might be unable to see or are just ignoring. Unlike you, they aren’t emotionally involved and so their judgement isn’t clouded. If they start telling you that he isn’t that great then it might be time to hit the eject button.

He’s A Freeloader

If you know he is able to contribute (this doesn’t necessarily mean financially), but he’s too selfish and expects you to pick up the slack by doing everything, then cut the cord. If you’re always having to drive him around, pay for him and handle his day-to-day life, it’ll only get worse, it’s a sign he’d rather be a mooch.

Never Their Fault

Misfortunes happen, but if you’re man can’t take responsibility for any of the bad things going on his life, that might be a sign that he’s too immature. A guy that plays the blame game is most likely insecure and probably the type that will blame you when there’s no one else left to lay it on.

During the many relationships that we may have during our lives we will end up with a variety of individuals with different personalities. Some will bring great happiness to our lives, while some just won’t work out. However, it’s the ones that pose a risk that you need to watch out for. They key is early identification and if you are dating any guys with the above personalities then do yourself a favor and get rid of them.

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