Do Skinny or Medium Built Women Attract Men Better?

Do Skinny or Medium Built Women Attract Men Better?

Many theories are being bandied around relating men’s preference when it comes to choosing a woman. It often revolves around either the super skinny type or the medium built ones. There are of course those that also like a woman to be amply proportioned or even over-proportioned which is merely a euphemism for being fat.

One school of thought argues that a true woman must be amply proportioned and curves should be flaunted. These men from adultfrienedfinder prefer their woman to have a butt that they can grab on to. It does not need to be huge, but have enough substance, or they will lose interest. They strongly believe that skinny or pencil thin women are in denial, and read too many magazines, whilst curvy women are natural and sexy.

Other view on the matter asserts that being skinny has got little to do with the actual choice that men prefer. A large part of the attraction that women hold for men is surprisingly also about the places where they’re not skinny. At the end of the day, men want to date women who are fun seeking, lively and attractive. We all know that attraction is about the chemistry between two people, and sometimes it just happens. Being fun loving is an attitude which revolves around the vigorous determination to find the light hearted element in any given situation. This is something all couples can cultivate and is therefore not dependent on any physical attribute whatsoever. The very best part of all is that if you and your guy are having fun together, the chances are so much better that the attraction factor is already well established.

There can be other reasons for preferences in the physique of woman and in this respect, cultural norms and standards cannot be ignored. For instance, in the African culture it is acceptable for woman to be voluptuous even to the extent of being fat, as this signifies that she is being well cared of by her husband. The American and European views are biased towards ladies that have more of a film actress look. Irrespective therefore of whether men date thin women, average women, and larger women, the attraction factor to each of them will vary substantially. The underlying reason would be to like them for who they are, and that their personality appeals.

The media also plays a role in this saga as we mostly see television’s portrayal of large men with petite women, and maybe that’s what they think the viewers want to see. It seems obvious that there is a degree of society’s pressure and influence. It reinforces the notion that single men looking to meet new women would probably have an inclination to talk to average size women first and not the super skinny.

It is well known that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many women prefer to classify themselves as average or medium built when they should actually categorize themselves in a section for obese ladies. The choice of medium built, curvy or skinny is at the end of the day all just a matter of personal preference. It most probably will not really matter, as long as the couples are happy and comfortable with each other.

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