Making a First Impression that Lasts

Making a First Impression that Lasts

My friend Bob goes to the gym all the time. He got to know a girl there, and, after a few weeks of bantering back and forth, asked her on a date. She said yes. When he went to pick her up, he wore track pants and a t-shirt, thinking that, as they always saw each other in workout clothes, he could wear what felt most comfortable. Instead, she met him at the door wearing black slacks and a low-cut blouse. It was an uncomfortable evening … and she avoided him at the gym ever since.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen a woman a hundred times before. On your first date, appearances matter. The effort you put into your appearance tells a woman how much effort you are willing to put into wooing her. What she perceives of you in the first few minutes of your encounter could make the difference between a second date and a miserable evening.

Most guys know the basics: shower, shave, get rid of that unibrow, eliminate any nose hairs, never forget deodorant, and invest in a nice cologne (that you NEVER apply excessively–you don’t want to assault her nose, so less is more). Get your hair cut regularly and invest in a more expensive style if you can. Hair that flops in your face can completely change your appearance … and not necessarily in a good way.

What most guys don’t know is that what they wear tells a girl he meets on adultfrienedfinder a lot about the effort they’re willing to make for her. If a guy shows up in blue jeans and a t-shirt, it means that he could care less what she thinks. If he invests in a stylish shirt and hundred-dollar jeans, she WILL notice. Women have a keen fashion sense, and they can tell when a guy has invested money on what he wears.

I’m not telling you to blow the bank on a dozen killer outfits. What I am telling you is to blow a few hundred on ONE killer outfit–because one outfit can be all it takes. Women can be harsh critics on the first date, but once she decides she likes what she sees, she’ll be much more willing to accept 501s on the second date.

NEVER buy clothes that aren’t you, however. Think about your normal style. Maybe you prefer khakis and button-up shirts; maybe all your clothes are by Nike. Now, ratchet up the style factor a notch. Browse the high-end shops for stylish duds; take a female friend whose advice you value. Wear the outfit at least once before you try it on a first date to make sure that you can pull it off.

Be careful that you don’t invest in clothes that are so stylish that they’re quickly outdated or turn your date off. You don’t want to scare her … and you want to be able to wear this a few times. Classic lines with a stylish cut are the best. And don’t forget the shoes to impress!

Now, act the part. You look like a million bucks. BELIEVE that you’re a movie star … with the ego of an average, lovable Joe. Stand up straight, look her in the eye, and let your charm flatter her into date number two. If you are enjoying yourself and having a good time, she will, too! But if you are nervous and lack self-confidence, she’ll become more shy and hard to tease out.

In a survey about the attributes that are most attractive and unattractive in a potential partner, several hundred single men and women compiled the following list.

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