Get the number, wait two days. Then call.

Get the number, wait two days. Then call.

You have to know how to be a fast thinker and talker if you’re going to spend any time on the phone with her. Good source of wittiness can be found at , Seinfeld, and ESPECIALLY from Family Guy. Pretty much things that take real world ideas and poke fun of them. Now, I’m not as annoying as Seinfeld, and I rarely do watch it, but when I was younger, there were certain tv shows that actually aided to my humor off the interweb. Stand-Up comedies are also great downloads off of Kazaa.
Everybody’s a comedian, right?

I know, maybe that sounds kind of dumb, especially to go through all that to meet chicks on adultfrienedfinder, so you gotta do it for fun first off.

So you know a little bit about her, its a lot easier to make assessments about her. Makes it easier to hang out with her, too, because you’ll have a couple hints on what she’s like as a person. Some girls are just as horny as us, but there are quite a few (especially the ones I’ve dealt with) do like to be known as a person and are sick with guys trying to get down their pants. Don’t be afraid when talking to joke or talk about sexually related things, either, you have to be kinda open about that, unless she’s really the reserved type. It does make it easier to talk to them, get to “know” know them, and gets them thinking about you on a more intimately. This type of conversation is better off left to the later hours when she’ll feel more “alone” with you while you talk. Im not talking about jerking off on the phone, but it can be the first step to getting her to think about you sexually.

My most recent lay, actually, I primed her up, just by talking to her on the phone and AIM. It took about 3, 4 weeks of talking, but during that time I did my own thing, so she was just a side project- she didnt feel that way, but she was. I had her come over one night for a movie. She felt a little awkward, you can tell by her body language and how she’s sitting, just dont lose your cool. And I put my arm on the top of the couch, and just told her to come here. She listened, we eventually got to kissing, I played the physical game from there, and got laid. FIRST TIME HAVING HER OVER! She kind of felt like a slut cause she gave it up so quick, but I told her it was okay and that she isn’t one (she don’t sleep around, I could tell). She definately wasn’t desperate, but between phone time and about 30 mins of LipnHand time, I got her to me.

All because she thought I was thoughtful, intelligent, funny, caring, and that I had a big dick. All of which are true.

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