How To Be a Player

How To Be a Player

So you want to be a player, huh?  Well, I don’t blame you.  Becoming a player certainly has it’s own benefits that any man would find amazing.  From being able to date and sleep with virtually ANY woman you want all all the way to not being tied down to anyone, why wouldn’t anyone want this kind of lifestyle?  Lucky for you, I have spent the past decade of my life MASTERING these skills and abilities.  Now, I’m here to give you some of my favorite tips and tricks for being a player and getting ANY woman you want!

Having a Player Mindset : If you want to be a player on adultfrienedfinder, the first thing you need to master is the mind-set that goes into being a player.  What kind of life does this entail?  Well, it is a life of abundance.  It means that you are literally the master of your own destiny and you do exactly what you want, whenever you want.  Your goal in life is to maximize your happiness and the happiness of others.  Being this kind of person, you will NATURALLY put yourself in more situations where women will absolutely flock to you.  Having this mind-set is almost enough by its self to completely master picking up women. 

Never settle : If you want to be a player, it means always improving and always moving on.  Does this mean that a player can never settle down?  Of course not, and they can do this quite successfully whenever they feel they are ready.  However, if you are not ready then the best thing you can do if you want to become a player is to never settle.  Always have 2, 3 or even MORE women you are talking to at any given time.  This is beneficial for a few reasons.  Firstly, it helps stop you from putting women on a pedastal (this way you aren’t bugging them, calling them, stressing them out, etc.) and it also makes you less available to them(so now they have to fight for YOUR attention instead of you fighting for theirs!).  As well, this also makes them have to play a cat-and-mouse game with you so that THEY are the ones chasing you!  By doing this one little tip, you instantly flip the script and now YOU are the one being chased after!

Get what you want : What separates players from regular guys is the fact that players will get what they want.  When a regular guy sees an attractive woman at the mall they usually shy away and will be too afraid to approach them.  However, when a player steps on the scene and sees this oppurtunity, he approaches the woman and gets a phone number so that they can set up something later.  If a player wants to make a move, he does it.  Having a “go-get-it” attitude is essential if you want to become a player.  It shows massive confidence (and this is the number one thing that turns women on) and it also shows that you are in control and you know what you want so you can stop using rumoquin marcel pills!

Becoming a player isn’t as hard as it looks.  If I can do it, then you absolutely can as well! If you want to learn more about how to become a player, check out my brand new guide on the subject by CLICKING HERE!

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