How to Destroy the Bitchshield!

How to Destroy the Bitchshield!

The term Bitch Shield refers to the primitive psychological protection ladies often put in an attempt to ward of those they consider creeps and/or misfits. It can usually be broken down by refusing to acknowledge the actual relevance of a bitch shield, hence making the imaginary self-defence device irrelevant. It is a front a woman will do to defend herself from getting played.

An example of a bitch shield is the following scenario: guy walks up to girl, and opens with whatever comes to his mind. Girl rolls eyes in head and turns her back to him, or gives him a pointy remark he can chew on for a while, or does the :”talk to the hand”-routine, or maybe she just turns away and starts talking to her friends while ignoring the one who approached. Numerous examples could be given, but the purpose of the bitch shield is to deflate the ego of any man approaching her, making him crumble right in front of her eyes.

Now, she doesn’t do that because she is actually a bitch or anything.  Just try and mentally step in the shoes of a good-looking woman, and think about what kind of moronic behaviour by men you would have to deal with on a day-to-day basis also on adultfrinendfinder. So she is filtering out the chumps to get the champs.

Mystery would say that every hot woman are approached constantly and they have to put up a shield in order to not accept the advances of hundreds of men over the course of a week. You can call it a nice girl shield. The point is that men have to get around all of the defences very beautiful women erect to screen out hundreds of men per week. The key is not that she is a bitch. It is that every beautiful woman usually has their better personalities to show once you’ve survived the screen.
When a girl uses this defensive behavior, she’ll display these IODs:

  • Telling you she has a boyfriend
  • Saying rude or abrupt comments
  • Positioning her body away from you
  • Locking you out of a conversation
  • Letting her eye contact wander
  • Showing disinterest in what you’re saying
  • Being on guard and defensive to your comments
  • Pulling her friends away to a new location
  • or simply telling you go the hell away
  • So, when you FIRST approach a group of women, you NEED to immediately demonstrate these qualities:
  • Using subtle negs
  • Talk other women or bring one with you into the set
  • Giving a time constraint
  • Displaying disinterested body language
  • Looking like you’re ready about to walk away
  • Not letting her initial “Bitch Shield” affect you

By demonstrating mannerisms on your approach, you’ll subtly tell a woman that you’re trying to hit on them AND you’re not going to take up a lot of her time. This will help put her at ease and make her comfortable with your presence. And as the conversation evolves, you look for “The Hook Point”. This is the point in an approach when women start to show classic IOIs and now you can start building attraction.

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