How To Get Women’s Attention Without Being A Jerk

How To Get Women’s Attention Without Being A Jerk

Way back in the 60s right up to the early 80s, going the “nice guy” route, being the perfect gentleman, buying women gifts, treating them right, and being ‘there for them’ whenever they needed their man seemed to work well with women.

But naturally as time progresses, things changed, people changed and that included a large majority of the female population… What used to work in the past has somehow stopped working altogether.

Girls are different nowadays. They’re way liberated than before and this in turn gave them options… MUCH MORE options and POWER than the good old days.

If you look around you more closely, you’ll begin to realize how women tend to subconsciously skew their interests more towards guys, who were more ‘alpha’ like, guys who knows how to have a good time and are NOT afraid to show it to ANYONE. You can notice this also on login.

Typical traits women are attracted to would be:

– Confidence (not acting insecure & needy)
– Being unapologetic
– Not tolerant of bitchy behaviors
– Have strong composure with women

Whether they’d like to admit it or not, deep down, women (esp. the SUPER hot ones) will always and FOREVER be attracted to the ‘bad boy’ types.

I’ve easily ‘interviewed’ HUNDREDS of women on this statement the past year alone to determine the underlying truth in it, and they all seemed to agree to it one way or another.

If All Of My Friends Don’t Like My Girlfriend

I am sometimes asked, “Marius, what if all of my friends seem to hate my girlfriend because they think she is bad for me?”

Well, if your friends hate your girlfriend because of her personality (not because of race or social class), then I am sorry to say that I have to side with your friends without even meeting your girlfriend.

In my experience, friends are usually right when it comes to judging a woman’s character. Since they are not in love with her like you are, they can see through her mask and see her flaws.

Here’s an example:

A few weeks ago a reader emailed me for help because his friends believed his new girlfriend was a slut, a “bitch”, and a cheater.

He refused to believe them and emailed me to see how he could get them to get along with each other. (His girlfriend hated his friends too and didn’t like him hanging out with them.)

Last week, he emailed me again to tell me he just found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him the whole time. Not only that, he actually caught her in bed with another guy.

Seeing is believing, I guess.

Never forget that your friends and family USUALLY want the best for you when it comes to picking a good mate. If everybody seems to hate a woman you’re dating, perhaps they must have a good reason.

Think about this REALLY hard if you’re in that situation.

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