Does She Like Me Or Not?

Does She Like Me Or Not?

Is she talking to you? It seems like such an obvious concept, but as a teen or as a stupid guy it may be the most difficult thing to figure out.

As we know, hot chicks and chicks in general get hit on all the time. As a result, they become rather “bitchy” and selective as they get older. And rightfully so. Imagine having to talk to someone like yourself all day long?

Given this, when a girl on adultfriendrfinder talks to you, it may actually mean she is interested in you. Or so I thought… . If she talks to you because it’s part of her job (say she’s a bank teller) don’t take it the wrong way…in fact, if she does work at a bank do everything you can NOT to ask her out.

Don’t ever ask a waitress, bank teller, or sales girl while they are working. They’ve been hit on 200 times before you. Be different. Wait until you see her off work then go talk with her. Or, follow her home everyday until she calls the cops… I digress.

By, “talking to you” I mean, does she engage in conversation? When you ask her a question, does she ask you one back or does she just answer your stupid question then clams up? Pay Attention.

Does she laugh, smile or giggle when you speak? Sense of humor is probably the most important characteristic a woman looks for in a man. Even if she doesn’t think you are funny, she’ll laugh if she likes you. So, if you know you are as boring as a stump and she’s still laughing…it’s a good thing. (Depends on the laugh)

While she laughs does her body or head move? Does she play with her hair? If she does, it’s a good thing. Does she giggle to herself and roll her eyes? If she does, it’s a bad thing. Pay Attention.

Does she know anything about you? If after 5 minutes of conversation, she still can’t recall anything you have said other than your name, (and even that’s a stretch) she’s not listening.

Is she interested in what you do? Now that you have tried to impress her with your job, does she care? Does she ask, “do you like what you do?” or, “How long have you been doing that?”

Does she introduce you to her friends? If you are talking to her around a group of her friends, (say in a bar) does she interrupt their conversation to introduce you to her girls? If she does, it means she wants to show you off. It’s like saying, “Hey girls, look what I have.” If she doesn’t introduce you, it means you’re not worth interrupting their conversation.

Does she accept your offer? If you offer to buy her a drink and she accepts, it’s a good thing. But don’t offer right away. Find out if she’s milking you, or if she actually wants to talk with you. Always offer to buy her a shot.

Does she give you her phone number? D’uh. This is obvious. BUT, if the number starts with, “555” then accept the fact you have just wasted your time.

Does she mention her boyfriend? Girls have a tendency to mention their boyfriends as a way to tell you, “I’m not interested” so again, Pay Attention.

If you ask a girl out, and she tells you she has a boyfriend, don’t be a dick and pull, “but I only meant as friends” bullshit. You know exactly why you asked her out. To get her naked. So don’t get defensive and try to pretend that she has misinterpreted your question. Just say, “thank you” and leave it alone.

It’s all pretty easy. If you don’t think so, wait ten years. You’ll look back and then you’ll laugh at all your stupid mistakes.

To sum it all up, if you leave the conversation knowing everything about her and she knows nothing about you it means, she wants to know nothing about you. That, or you are a self absorbed dick… and now she definitely wants nothing to do with you.

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