The Difference Between Teasing And Insulting Women

The Difference Between Teasing And Insulting Women

Here are some differences between “teasing” and “insulting” a woman.

1) A tease isn’t serious. An insult is meant to hurt the the other person.

Tease: Your shoes don’t match with your socks.

Insult: Your shoes are ugly.

2) A tease qualifies a woman. An insult brushes her off.

Tease: Are you adventurous?

Insult: You talk too much.

3) A tease uses good humor. Insults are often cynical or downright hurtful.

Tease: Okay, Paris Hilton.

Insult: You’re a bitch. No wonder your ex dumped you.

4) A tease has a “role-playing” component to it. An insult is perceived as “reality”.

Tease: Hi, Princess Donut Head.

Insult: I really don’t like your haircut.

5) A tease does not make a woman feel bad. An insult does.

Tease: (Pretending to be her and re-enacting something she has goofed up.)

Insult: Are you stupid? (Said seriously)

6) A tease shows confidence. An insult shows anger, attitude, or insecurity.

Tease: You’re actually no that bad looking…
when you’re smiling…

Insult: Maybe if you took a look in the mirror you would stop being so disrespectful.

7) A tease judges by qualifying. An insult accuses.

Tease: I only go for women who cook and clean.
Insult: You are a whore. 

8) A tease breaks down a woman’s bitch shield. An insult reinforces it.

Tease: Look. That dorky guy is checking you out at login.
Aww. Isn’t that cute…

Insult: Hey. Send me a message and explain to me why I should talk to you. If I think you are
adventurous I will add you.

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