Is She Really Too “Busy” To Date You

Is She Really Too “Busy” To Date You

My readers often email me to complain about how the girls they like are always “too busy” to hang out with them.

I usually feel like laughing whenever I hear this.

The first thing that a guy should ask when asking out a “busy girl” is…

“Is she really busy?”

Listen. Women like to give excuses to guys whom they don’t “really” like, and one of their favorite excuses is,

“Sorry, I am kinda busy this week.”

Heck…I am a man and I use this excuse ALL THE TIME to turn women down on login.

It’s innocent and you can turn away a person without hurting his or her feelings.

Here’s the truth: If a woman is REALLY attracted to you, she WILL find SOME time to hang out with you no matter how busy she is – even if it is just one hour a week.

The only reason she won’t is because she doesn’t like you “enough”.

Let’s use YOU as an example…

If you were absolutely CRAZY about a gal, do you think you could spare an hour of your busy schedule this week to have a cup of coffee with her?

I bet the answer is “yes”.

The same principle applies to women. If she likes you “enough”, she will make SOME time for you – it’s as simple as that.

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