What If A Woman Tries to Stall A Date

What If A Woman Tries to Stall A Date

If a woman tells you she has to “think” before she agrees to go out on a date with you or to become your girlfriend, don’t fall for it.

It’s a stall!

Think about it, if a woman REALLY wanted to see you, she would have said “YES!” immediately. She wouldn’t have told you she needed go home and “think” about it.

The reason she has to think about it is because she is trying to STALL you and buy herself some more time to reject you.

Here’s a good metaphor.

I want you to pretend you’re being called by one of those telemarketers.

The person on the other side of the line asks you if you have the time to do a survey.

You don’t want to do it, but at the same time you do not want to hurt the telemarketer’s feelings.

So you tell the guy you’re busy at the moment.

The telemarketer then asks if there’s a better time to call back.

You tell the telemarketer to call back a week later, even though you know you will still be reluctant to do the survey then.

Guess what? You’ve just stalled the telemarketer!

If you’re brave, if you feel like you’re being stalled, try asking a woman you meet at adultfrienedfinder if she does want to hang out at all.

Tell her it’s okay if she doesn’t want to.

Some times, that will actually turn things around and turn her “no” into a “yes.” (Reverse Psychology!)

But the best way to avoid getting stalled is to make sure you have GREAT CHEMISTRY with a woman before you ask her out.

Remember: If she’s attracted to you enough, she’ll be WAITING for you to ask her out!

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