So fresh and so clean

So fresh and so clean

The Shirt

This is too large of a subject for me to properly advise you in any particular way, so I’ll just offer some suggestions. If you are hanging around, going to the store, or engaging in any other every-day activities… just wear a T-Shirt. I’ve pulled a ton of women while wearing T-Shirts, they make you appear to be VERY approachable… so don’t underestimate them.

On the other hand, if you are going on a date on adultfrienedfinder, to a club or bar, or engaging in any other night-life type of activites… always wear shirts with collars. It does not matter if they button all the way down or if they are polo shirts, as long as the collar is there. I personally prefer shirts that button all the way down, over top of a white tee, with the top two buttons unbuttoned. That’s just my style, copy it or not, but it’s very effective.

Leave the gym clothes at the gym! I don’t care if you’ve got bicepts the size of watermelons, you do NOT look attractive wearing a wife beater everywhere you go. Think about it like this: you are presented with two girls that are identical twins, in which the only difference is that one of them is wearing a super short skirt and tiny top, while the other is wearing a regular, slightly sexy dress. If you were asked which one you want to have sex with, you would opt for the one with her ass cheeks hanging out. However, if you were asked which one you want to start a relationship with, you would choose the other. Women have that state of mind ALL THE TIME. They are looking for a man to start a relationship with, not a man to simply have sex with. So if the scenario was the other way around, and you were the twin with a mustle shirt on, then you would have a big L on your forhead, catch my drift?


Jewelry is always a plus, but don’t take it too far. If you look like Mr. T than I suggest you make a trip to the pawn shop before you get robbed or laughed at. I’ve found that medium sized diamond stud earrings (both ears) along with a nice watch to be a sufficient and powerful addition to any player’s arsenal. The type of watch I recommend is a Movado, because women seem to find them particularly attractive and they display wealth. However, they tend to be pretty pricey ($800-2000), but you can probably pick up a nice one for under $400 on E-Bay.

The Socks

Buying socks is kind of like playing limbo, the lowest is the winner. Always get ankle socks, simply because that is what’s cool right now, and anything longer is not. Enough Said.

Down under

Boxers or nothing… unless you don’t want to give your best friend any room to grow. Tighty whiteys can not be found in any real players wardrobe, and that’s the bottom line.

Up on top

Unless you get a horrible haircut, don’t put anything on your head if you are going on a date or out to a club. If you are lounging or going shopping, anything is fair game.

One more thing

Try to stay away from any type of clothing with large logos or writing. If you buy higher-end clothes then you won’t have to worry about this, because when was the last time you saw Armani, Gucci, or even Claiborne written in big bold letters across a shirt? Why would you want to be a walking Nike advertisement anyway? If you don’t think you can afford high-end designer clothes your wrong, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Even the higher-end hip hop clothing rarely display their logo in big bold print in this day and age… it is more about colors, and they know that.

One more thing (again)

Always iron your clothes before going out, it will make all of the difference. If wearing khakis or dress pants make sure you don’t forget to make some creases in the front and back for that “brand new” look!

This article was written by The Player, author of the ground breaking seduction guide The Player’s Black Book.

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